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Ronnit Vasserman, Art Advisor at Miami Art Week, Talks 2023’s Art and Fashion Crossover

Miami Art Week has blended the art and fashion worlds with a stylish crowd of art collectors, fashion types and party people, along with installations and events from fashion icons like Dolce & Gabbana, Saint Laurent, Madonna and Bottega Veneta. The venue also served as a magnificent backdrop for fashion brands showcasing their collections along Miami Beach.

Art Advisor and founder of the Art Connect Group Ronnit Vasserman linked arms with established and soon-to-be discovered artists, and her tour of Miami Art Week showcased a curation of vetted artists who seamlessly blended art and fashion and highlighted the ways the two worlds are often synonymous.

The Untitled Art Fair, a display at Miami Art Week, featured a collaboration between swimsuit brand Vilebrequin and JRP Editions, a Swiss contemporary art publisher. The art venture showcased invited artists to reconsider and explore the creative possibilities of representing art on a swimsuit, and was an opportunity to flaunt their own works of art. These pieces were offered at a comfortable price point of $250 and below.

“When artists collaborate with fashion, it’s all about being accessible,” Vasserman shared.

Another unique fashion representation was Jonathas de Andrade’s “Lost and Found” display, which was a grouping of forgotten swim shorts found in the changing rooms of swim clubs in Brazil.

Fashion is wearable art. Vasserman also shared that one of the best parts about blending art and fashion is that fashion is also closely aligned to the process of an artist drafting a painting for pre-release to promote their work ahead of exhibition season.

“I love when a brand does a ‘fashion drop,’ a limited collection to create intrigue, mystery and unified excitement,” added Vasserman.

Like fashion, art is a major form of self-expression, yet stems from a complex industry. For clients navigating the art world maze at Miami Art Week, advisory services not only help people select a piece but also share with them new, unheard stories behind the painting, sculpture or sketch. Buying art is like fashion; you buy what speaks to you and makes you feel special.

“Fashion is accessible art,” Vasserman said. “Art has the power to inspire, unite and create a better world.”

Back to the art side of Miami Art Week, some of Vasserman’s must-see pieces include the White Cube gallery of Jeff Koons’ Bowl with Eggs,with a nearly five-foot-tall sculpture of an oversized yellow bowl filled with white eggs.

Art Basel celebrated 20 years of showcasing modern and contemporary art with more than 282 exhibitors from 38 countries.

To tour art galleries or explore the intricacies of the art–meets–fashion scene, find Ronnit Vasserman at www.artconnectgroup.com

The mix of couture, fashion, and art makes for a vibrant scene.

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