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Amiro Announces Spring Sale on Cutting-Edge Skincare Devices


Amiro, a leading brand in skincare technology, is proud to announce its annual Spring Sale, offering exclusive promotions on its cutting-edge skincare devices from March 23 to April 9. With the upcoming changing of seasons bringing warmer weather and increasing humidity, Amiro’s spring sale campaign is released to help consumers fulfill their skincare needs for the impending hotter conditions.

Amiro understands the importance of repairing the skin’s protective barrier as the seasons change. When faced with a hotter climate and higher exposure to UV rays, the skin barrier works harder than usual. In addition, the heat and humidity can damage the skin’s protective walls, leading to increased oil production and the potential for damage from UV rays. This is where Amiro’s L1 LED Therapy Mask can help with the recovery.

The mask stimulates the skin’s self-healing process with 77mw/cm2 powerful LED light sources, allowing for a rapid seven-day skin barrier repair. By emitting different wavelengths of LED light, the mask can also be customized to address specific skin concerns or used as a general treatment for overall skin health.

Amiro also understands the need for easier and more accessible professional skincare on the go, especially during spring and summer. Responding to this demand, the brand has promoted two exclusive products for its customers: the R1 Pro Limited Collection and the S1 International Edition.

The R1 Pro Limited Collection, an Amiro High Radiofrequency Skincare Device, is designed to provide professional skin care on the go. The promotion offers two gels and 20 Collgene masks when you purchase the R1 PRO, allowing users to enjoy a skincare routine during the trip.

Additionally, the S1 International Edition, a professional-grade skin tightening device designed to be used by skincare professionals in a clinical or spa setting, is also available during the Spring Sale.

Besides providing a safe way to deliver radiofrequency energy to the skin safely and effectively, both the R1 Pro and S1 are very simple and easy to use. All purchases of either R1 PRO or S1 under this category offer up to $200 off as well as additional giveaways.

Amiro’s brand concept is to revitalize beauty through science, achieved by prioritizing quality and testing each product rigorously in their Biomedical Optoelectronic Lab and Clinical Chemistry Lab. These labs collaborate with top universities to ensure the safety and effectiveness of their products, backed with clinical data. The Optoelectronic Lab’s team, including scientists from MIT Media Lab, are committed to continuously developing safe and effective cutting-edge skincare technology, making them a trusted beauty brand.

Amiro’s Spring Sale is an opportunity for consumers to stock up on products that will help protect and repair their skin barrier while providing them with professional skincare on-the-go. With Amiro’s commitment to quality, consumers can trust that they are receiving products that are safe and effective.

During the Spring Sale, purchasing the L1 comes with a $40 discount, two boxes of B3 masks and an additional giveaway.