Piombo Sews A Touch of Italy into SoHo

Photo courtesy of Eugene Gologursky

Italian designer Massimo Piombo opened his first flagship location on 149 Spring Street in SoHo. With all of its distinctive charisma and flair, the Piombo store marks the designer’s first official U.S. venture. Under the umbrella of OVS, the leading Italian apparel group, Piombo’s storefront features 1,550 sq ft retail space that includes men’s and women’s apparel as well as accessories. Piombo’s first location in the U.S. also rings in the start of its worldwide retail expansion with a series of international openings, including locations in Madrid, Spain and Paris, France.

“We chose three capital cities that are channeling the desire to be out and about and transforming that desire into pure energy. They are the catalysts of change – creating a new language in fashion and lifestyle, all vibrant locations that will be the perfect home for the extraordinary Piombo Collections,” said Stefano Beraldo, chief executive officer, OVS, SpA. “The combination of Massimo Piombo’s creative talent and the cutting-edge production capabilities of OVS results in a singular balance of designer quality and style at extraordinary prices.”

According to Beraldo, Piombo’s expansion into the U.S. and other European markets starts the “Italian conversation” by approaching new markets with a distinctive culture and aesthetic attitude in the fashion world. “This innovative approach which includes style, quality and amazing price is the reason why Piombo, designed by the Italian talented designer Massimo Piombo, has been very successful in Italy. Now we think that it’s the time to bring it outside Italy’s borders,” Beraldo added.

Travel, and the inspiration that goes with it, is at the heart of Massimo Piombo’s designs. As the creative director of Piombo, Massimo Piombo tailors the brand’s creative vision for its long-run identity, and includes men’s and women’s collections that are journeys within themselves, characterized by the designer’s unique talent for creating infinite wardrobe options – jackets, dresses, t-shirts, button-down shirts, pants and skirts – pieces that are each distinctive and also work together as essential closet staples.

This is the signature style of the Piombo collections, born and created in Italy, destined to travel the world.

“I design my collections for everyone,” said Piombo. “My biggest goal is to inspire and encourage customers to let their imagination run free. Italian style and its infinite variety infuse my creations – art, travel, culture rooted in the beauty of my country. We chose Spring Street as our New York location, a dynamic cosmopolitan setting that encourages exploration and curiosity.”

The New York store was conceived with attention to both natural and recycled materials, in the spirit of regeneration. With his signature “Piombo Sky Blue” coating the walls, floors and ceiling, the designer’s goal was to create a space that is both striking and inviting – just like his designs, which are a welcoming meeting point where people can see, touch and feel within a space that encourages conversation and evokes inspiration. Rendered in monochrome, it’s an ideal setting for the vibrant colors, patterns and infinite variations of the Piombo collections to stand out.

Piombo is the essence of “Italian style” with a touch of magic. Flouncy spring dresses and preppy men’s sweaters deliver familiar trends to U.S. consumers, but are cut with a distinctly Italian silhouette that easily transports any look right to the Peninsula. A world of unexpected combinations, such as eclectic and elegant, intelligent and playful, classic and creative, combine a focus on quality and fit, simplicity and sustainability (thanks to the BPI-certified organic cotton used in some pieces).

Looking to the future, Beraldo hinted that collections of other product categories are in the works, as well as a possible project that involves the wholesale distribution of Piombo. As the Italians say, alla prossima (until next time)!

Explore the collection on piombo.com.