Spyker Studio Weaves Italian Comfort Solutions into Mens Swimwear

Photo courtesy of Beto Urbano

Founded in 2019 and launched online in January 2021, Spyker Studio is a contemporary menswear brand specializing in swimwear and underwear. Based in Miami, Founder Ryan McKinley aimed to create a brand with a unique take on men’s swim basics. With a minimal, clean design using high-quality materials and finishings, McKinley drew inspiration from womenswear and wanted to take colors and fabrics not typically seen in men’s swimwear and bring them into the designs. Spyker Studio celebrates that endless summer feeling and offers an escape from the mundane into a carefree state of mind. Spyker Studio wanted to step back from the fast-paced day-to-day grind and take a moment to breathe, take in and appreciate the beauty of the natural world around us.

Spyker Studio sourced premium Italian fabrics that not only look and feel great but are eco-friendly as well. The Vita and Revolutional Ecofabrics are made of regenerated nylon which gives wasted plastics a new life in a beautiful swimsuit. These luxurious Italian-made lycras are not only kind to the environment but are sumptuous to the touch and built to stand up to the harsh elements of sun, salt and chlorine. The underwear is made from soft, organic ribbed cotton and finished in a slim elastic waistband detailed with the custom Spyker logo. The underwear has a nostalgic, vintage feel with modern finishes and is a timeless staple piece.

Feeling comfortable brings out confidence in what you wear. One of Spyker’s main focuses when designing products is placing importance on comfort and fit. Many men’s swim briefs were sized too small and excessively tight, which made the wearer uncomfortable and therefore turned many men away from tighter-fitting swimwear styles. Opposingly, Spyker found many men’s swim shorts big and baggy and sloppy-looking. In response, Spyker created sleek, tailored silhouettes in its shorts that flatter and also move easier in the water. The brand discovered the perfect balance of fit to ensure everything is secure but not pulling and squeezing in the wrong places and worked to create styles that can be flattering on many body types. Clients write in all the time, saying things like, “This is the most comfortable swimsuit I have ever worn!”

Products range from swim briefs in three varieties of cut: square, classic and high-cut, to shorts. The running-inspired shorts, Shane Shorts and a more tailored, classic beach short called Hampton Shortscan be found in a variety of pastel and earthy colors. All products are finished with the inconspicuous signature Spyker logo that is either hand-embroidered or screenprinted as a finishing touch.

The most recent and current collection titled Found At Sea was launched on the two-year anniversary of the brand in January 2023. The collection features Spyker’s first custom print called Wave Print,” which recalls a source of constant inspiration: the ocean. The collection also includes ribbed lycra in color dusk blue,” which also draws inspiration from the beauty of the sea and the peaceful escape of simply watching the waves crash on the shore.

Currently, Spyker Studio is offered exclusively on its website but is planning expansions into wholesale accounts for future collections. It also plans on expanding its product offering and product range into more ready-to-wear loungewear and casual clothing items.