House Twenty Two Loungewear Brings the Comfort of Home Wherever You Go

Photo courtesy of House Twenty Two

By Joseph Pastrana

Well past the pandemic, consumer behavior patterns have been fundamentally reshaped by the lockdown. One of the more apparent results is the reliance on Zoom communications and the hybrid workforce of onsite and at-home staffing. As a result, purchase-drivers and demand that evolved then will be in play for years to come. At the height of the lockdown, women’s formal and business attire dropped by 44% while casual apparel jumped to 61%. But one lifestyle brand based in Miami is trying to provide the best of both worlds.

Founded by Melissa Ledezma who also serves as its creative director, House Twenty Two was born out of her realization that too many people resorted to simply appearing in casuals during work-related Zoom conferences or throwing on a jacket over sweats. Either way, this inevitably proves inconvenient, has the potential for wardrobe malfunctions or appears unprofessional. But few brands have come up with fashions that can combine high style with the comforts that casualwear can provide. Enter House Twenty Two.

Fortunately, Ledezma had already been developing her brand. It had always been her goal to apply design in making beautiful things that served the actual purpose of enhancing everyday life. Her own experiences as a young woman and creative entrepreneur inform much of what she creates, finding workable style solutions to what everyday people contend with. Drawing from her undergraduate degree in interior design, masters in architecture and fashion studies, she conceived elegant and sleek yet comfortable luxury loungewear focused on relieving women of having to worry about their wardrobes. As inspiration, she drew on her home’s sunshine and sand environs as well as the tropical and pastel colors and Art Deco architecture of Ocean Drive’s historic district. They are limitless as far as being a well of artistic potential across fashion and other disciplines.

As people gradually returned to business as usual and moved into hybrid work models, they found that they didn’t have to sacrifice the comforts of home, after all. House Twenty Two’s debut collection of elevated loungewear provides all the comforts of casualwear while exuding sophistication in any setting. The range of handmade 100% silk items can go from work to weekends, from airports to offices and from restaurants to nightspots.

The hoodies and shorts provide a sporty and casual vibe, while the cropped tops, blazers and trousers are for dressier looks. There are even red carpet-worthy halter dresses in vibrant shades or dazzling prints for those Instagrammable moments.

According to Ledezma, “The ease is built into the designs so that anyone can dash off to meetings or attend an event in a moment’s notice. I conceived this line to show that comfort and style need not contradict each other. With House Twenty Two, you feel comfortable and look fabulous wherever you go.”

The brand’s signature aesthetic also makes it easy to slip in and out of pieces, allowing for effortless mixing and matching across its array of items for statement ensembles that flawlessly complement each other. One can simply add, subtract or switch tops and bottoms around to create a variety of different styles that won’t clash. Available only for short durations and in capsule numbers, the items are never mass-produced. Styles can be “retired” to deliver a sense of exclusivity to shoppers.

Ledezma added, “We’re proud to produce only in limited edition runs and use artisanal traditions in producing small quantities or custom pieces as part of our commitment to sustainability and not participating in fast fashion.”

House Twenty Two purposely uses less water and energy to maintain a low carbon footprint and zero waste with due diligence across the entire manufacturing process. It’s a consideration that has become ever more important in light of the current industry-wide scarcity in supply chains and shifts toward more responsible production practices.

Into the future, Ledezma envisions House Twenty Two as a design atelier dedicated to crafting modern fashion and lifestyle items and accessories for refined living. She’s already added some accessory items but continues to delve into possible home and other lifestyle aspects to create more items deeply inspired not just by her travels but old-world traditions and cultures. There are also current plans to explore options for retailing to brick-and-mortar establishments and creative collaborations with influencers and artists.

The entire collection is priced from around $168 (bralettes) up to $930 (dresses) and higher for custom orders via HouseTwentyTwo.com.