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Perfect Corp. Expands Functionality of AI-Powered Live Skin Analysis Solution

Photo courtesy of Perfect Corp.

Perfect Corp. updated its groundbreaking AI-Powered Live Skin Analysis Solution. The HIPAA-compliant and dermatologist-verified technology empowers users to gain deep insights into their skin condition and receive personalized skincare recommendations, while an AR overlay highlights specific skin concerns in real time. The new functionality of the AI Skin Analysis innovation analyzes up to 14 skin concerns through live camera mode, enabling users to view real-time detections of various areas around their face.

Perfect Corp.’s Live Skin Analysis technology is now able to detect up to 14 skin health concerns: spots, wrinkles, texture, redness, oiliness, moisture, eye bags, acne, droopy upper eyelids, droopy lower eyelids, firmness, radiance, dark circles, and pores. The experience is coupled with AR overlay effects, which help to outline the detection areas more clearly and provide users with an instantaneous visual representation of the skin health factors. The tool also now comes equipped with 30-degree wide angle detection technology, capturing the peripheries of the user’s face, and allowing for an even more seamless real-time skin analysis experience.

The technological advancement allows users to become even more engaged and connected with their personal skincare journey. By delivering fast and accurate results, the Live AI Skin Analysis builds on a more comprehensive skincare analysis that shoppers can trust. Furthermore, when compared to traditional hardware skin analysis devices, Perfect Corp.’s Live AI Skin Analysis solution offers improved speed and accuracy. This provides consumers with a personalized and convenient way to educate themselves about their skin health. This guides them in making more confident purchase decisions that address their individual skin health concerns.

“Our revolutionary Live AI Skin Analysis technology represents a hyper-engaged and personalized way for users to establish a profound connection with their skin health while gaining insightful knowledge about areas of concern,” remarked Perfect Corp. founder and CEO, Alice Chang. “The real-time detection capabilities also pave the way for an unparalleled personalized experience, encouraging users to take a proactive stance in their skin health journey. This empowerment enables them to make informed decisions that resonate deeply with their unique skincare needs.”

The live AI Skin Analysis solution is available across major browsers and mobile apps, allowing for easy integration for brands and retailers.