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Perfect Corp. Unveils Stacking Ring, Bracelet and Watch Set Virtual Try-On Technology

Photo courtesy of Perfect Corp.

Perfect Corp., the leading artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) beauty and fashion tech solutions provider, announced an exciting addition to their suite of fashion tech solutions with the introduction of Stacking for Rings, Bracelets, Jewelry & Watch Sets and Ring VTO Finger Change. The technology will allow consumers to virtually try on multiple categories – rings, bracelets and watches – in stacking separately and at the same time, in one hyper-realistic AR view. This cutting-edge VTO capability will allow jewelry brands to provide highly flexible and personalized virtual try-on experiences that are fully catered to shoppers’ preferences, helping them visualize how different luxury products will look when worn together.

In a groundbreaking leap forward, Perfect Corp.’s newest cutting-edge technology empowers users to embark on an immersive journey, trying on multiple rings, bracelets, and watch sets in a captivating live camera AR environment. A distinctive highlight of this experience is the ability for users to effortlessly switch sampling rings between index, middle, and ring fingers, offering a true-to-life perspective of each style on the hand. This breakthrough capability enables users to seamlessly try on a plethora of ring, bracelet, and watch styles, all within the same AR view. No longer constrained by the need to toggle between different categories, this feature empowers users to explore diverse styles seamlessly and make more informed purchasing decisions.

“The potential impact of this solution for luxury jewelry and watch retailers is remarkable. By immersing customers in an entertaining and hyper-realistic AR environment, the technology can significantly boost purchasing confidence.” said Alice Chang, founder and CEO of Perfect Corp. “Now, consumers who enjoy stacking rings, bracelets, and watch sets can benefit from enhanced shopping journey for a more personalized and valuable experience. Perfect Corp.’s visionary approach not only bridges the gap between imagination and reality but also paves the way for a new era of personalized luxury retail experiences.”