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Perfect Corp. Introduces Multi-Tone AR 3D Blush Try-On

Photo courtesy of Perfect Corp.

Perfect Corp., announced an exciting enhancement to its 3D Blush Virtual Try-On tool. Users can now explore a wider spectrum of shades, textures, and a variety of color combinations with the introduction of 3-tone blush color virtual try-ons. This latest addition to the virtual makeup try-on technology further amplifies Perfect Corp.’s vision to beautify the world through “Beautiful AI,” enabling brands and consumers to virtually realize their makeup dreams.

The 3D AR Blush Virtual Try-On tool has already revolutionized the beauty industry by allowing users to experiment with different blush shades in a virtual environment before committing to a purchase. This latest upgrade further empowers users to customize their makeup looks with even greater precision and creativity. Users can now experiment with blush patterns and hyper-realistic textures like matte, satin, and shimmer. The technology simulates the application of blushes that seamlessly meld with the user’s facial structure and skin tones, enhancing customers’ beauty effortlessly, and enabling the creation of multi-dimensional, harmonious and trending blush looks that suit diverse facial features and unique styles.

The 3D Multi-Tone AR Blush Try-On tool seamlessly integrates into the existing Perfect Corp. makeup VTO ecosystem, making it accessible to beauty brands worldwide that wish to offer the latest makeup trends combined with a sales-boosting virtual shopping experience to their customers.

Alice Chang, Founder and CEO of Perfect Corp., expressed excitement about the latest development, stating, “We are constantly pushing the boundaries of beauty technology to offer users innovative and personalized experiences. The addition of 3D Multi-Tone Blush Try-Ons is a testament to our commitment to providing cutting-edge tools that empower individuals to express their unique beauty in more and more creative and engaging ways.”