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CurlDaze Launches New GroDAZE Collection Exclusively at Wal-Mart

Photo courtesy of CurlDaze

It’s a significant leap forward in haircare innovation. CurlDaze, one of the most dynamic Black-owned and women-driven beauty brands, that has gone viral on Tik-Tok, proudly unveils the GroDAZE Collection, a unique range tailored for curly, coiled and wavy hair enthusiasts. Rooted in the rich traditions of Fenugreek and further energized by potent ingredients such as castor oil and caffeine, this exclusive Wal-Mart collection redefines scalp and hair health.

Nurtured from the wellspring of ancient beauty traditions, Fenugreek has long been celebrated in southern Asia and the Mediterranean for its exceptional hair benefits. Now, CurlDaze seamlessly integrates this leafy green herb, brimming with protein, plant compounds, and nicotinic acid, to address hair loss and invigorate hair growth. Beyond its growth-promoting attributes, Fenugreek seeds are acclaimed for their moisture-locking properties, breathing life, luster, and sheen into every strand.

Paired with the enriching essences of castor oil and caffeine, this collection promises transformative results. Originating from the Ethiopian region, castor oil, laden with essential fatty acids, stimulates hair follicles, thickens the hair, and battles breakage. Simultaneously, caffeine’s invigorating properties act as the cherry on top, ensuring your hair is not only beautiful but vibrantly healthy.

Robyn Atwater, the genius behind the brand that went viral on Tik Tok, CurlDaze, shares, “GroDAZE isn’t just a collection; it’s the embodiment of countless days of research, understanding, and passion. As we blend the time-honored wisdom of Fenugreek with contemporary haircare science, we’re presenting something truly groundbreaking for our community.”

The GroDAZE Collection: A Closer Look

GroDAZE Hair & Scalp Oil Booster ($9.99, 2 fl. oz.): Main Features: Stimulating Caffeine with nourishing Fenugreek Seed & Castor Oil for hair growth and scalp soothing. How to Use: Apply oil onto the scalp directly and massage. For beards, apply for daily moisture. Benefits: Combat hair loss, and promote longer, stronger, thicker hair.

GroDAZE Hold It Creme ($9.99, 4 fl. oz.): Main Features: A unique CREAMY formula for thinning, hard-to-grow edges, nourishes and restores. How to Use: Apply the desired amount onto clean edges. Use fingertips to smooth in place. Benefits: Non-flaky, long-lasting edge control to combat hair loss and promote health.

GroDAZE Daily Shine & Repair Spray ($9.99, 4 fl. oz.): Main Features: Super shine-boosting and reparative spray for frizz control and brilliance. How to Use: Spray directly onto dry or wet hair and smooth oil from root to tip. Benefits: Nutrient-rich shine spray to promote longer, stronger, thicker hair.

Exclusively at Wal-Mart, today, March 4th, this groundbreaking collection will be gracing the aisles of Wal-Mart stores, ensuring that wherever you are, is accessible to you.