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The Whimsical World of Peggy Hartanto

Photo courtesy of Ryan Tandya

The Sister Team Behind Women-First Fashion

Women-led. Women-inspired. Women-empowered. These are the three pillars that define Peggy Haranto, the ready-to-wear label based in Surabaya, Indonesia. Known for its sleek lines, bold colors and unique materials, a trio of sisters have spearheaded Peggy Hartanto since 2012: Peggy, Petty and Lydia. With training in fashion, graphic design and industrial engineering, the sisters deliver a unique blend of design, creativity and efficiency for a truly eclectic, distinct line. 

Peggy Hartanto, the label, got its start after Peggy Hartanto herself worked with Collette Dinnigan, one of Australia’s most iconic designers. Thoroughly steeped in Dinnigan’s world of production, manufacturing, design and global runways, Peggy gathered her experience and returned to her home city of Surbaya to launch her own brand. Peggy Hartanto first hit the world stage at Jakarta Fashion Week in 2012, and from there, the brand has soared to galactic heights. 

Much of this success is thanks in part to Hartanto’s firm philosophy of team inclusivity, empowerment and open collaboration. 

“Peggy Hartanto proudly embodies the spirit of empowerment by celebrating the diverse and dynamic roles of women,” explained Peggy Hartanto. “Our designs are crafted with the modern woman in mind, challenging traditional stereotypes and encouraging women to express their individuality and strength.”

Atlantis and Fantasia, the latest collections from last year, embody distinct elements of Peggy Hartanto’s aesthetic. Bold colors and patterns, whimsical silhouettes and flirtatious, versatile cuts are all informed by specific values that uplift women. Hartanto said, “We believe that every woman, regardless of her background or role, deserves to feel confident and beautiful.”

The collections themselves breathe with inspiration from unexpected places: myths, fairy tales, nature and architecture are some of the elements you’ll find in a Peggy Hartanto piece. But one major theme links each piece.

“Women and their seasons of life,” added Hartanto. “We aim to create unique pieces that reflect the diversity of the modern woman.”

Modernity is a major lens through which Peggy Hartanto envisions fashion, as each piece features contemporary silhouettes with distinct, sleek lines, sharp edges and unorthodox color pairings. 

At Peggy Hartanto, design concepts are borderless. According to Hartanto, innovation is key. This value manifests for all to see; no aesthetic is shunned in Hartanto’s blatant embrace of eclecticism. 

“Our design characteristics are organic, whimsical, with a dash of surrealism,” said Hartanto. 

In addition to the fantasy elements that dance through each collection, the design team also devotes a significant amount of time to precision in fit and construction. “The fit of our garments is paramount,” explained Hartanto, “ensuring that each piece not only looks beautiful but also feels comfortable and flattering on the body.”

With comfort and whimsy in mind, each collection begins with a mood board, courtesy of Petty Hartanto’s graphic design expertise. Inspiration blossoms in many forms: anything from color swatches to pattern squares and motif sketches are all food for the imagination. The mood board materializes into a series of sketches, which the Hartanto team refines over time. Fabrics are meticulously sourced, while patterns are brainstormed and eventually transformed into initial prototypes. After months of honing and refining each piece to perfection, the collection is ready to hit the runway. 

The last time Peggy Hartanto hit the catwalk was during the presentation of her Spring/Summer 2024 collection, CHARM, spotlighted at the 2023 ELLE Fashion Show in Vietnam. A global brand with cross-culture appeal, Peggy Hartanto’s unique couture has been honored with global fashion recognitions such as the International Woolmark Prize 17/18 Asia Nominee (2017), Forbes Asia’s “30 Under 30 ‘The Arts’” (2016), Grazie Next Glam Award Finalist, Grazia International Network (2015) and many more.

The world of Peggy Hartanto is one that simultaneously honors women’s contributions to the industry while maintaining its unique identity of being the result of what happens when a group of women join forces to produce magic. All of this is produced through a labor of love, which stems from Hartanto’s elevation of open collaboration and teamwork, where all perspectives are welcome and the contemporary woman takes a fearless step on center stage.