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ROAN Fragrances Launches With Range Of Clean Tea Scents

Photo courtesy of ROAN Fragrances

Introducing ROAN Fragrances l Roots of a Nomad, a new clean fragrance brand crafted to transport and rouse the wanderer within through the diverse notes of tea from across the globe. Founded by Helen Lee, an avid tea enthusiast, ROAN Fragrances was inspired by her massive tea collection accumulated throughout her many travels and beautifully highlights this bold, complex, and limitless fragrance note.

“My goal was to build a fragrance brand that celebrated the deep bond we feel when we allow ourselves to wander and connect to the world. We have designed each scent to be inspired by the energy, mood, and vibe of different locations while still allowing you to connect with and interpret the fragrance in a way that makes it uniquely yours,” said Helen Lee, founder.

ROAN Fragrances launches with three genderless scents that are clean, vegan, and cruelty-free.

  • Current Culture ($160 | 50ml Eau de Parfum): A fresh fragrance that invigorates like the ocean breeze, opening with the brightness of bergamot zest and white ginger, followed by a mindful energy achieved through calming salt notes, soft musk and the quiet boldness of matcha.

    Top: Bergamot Zest, Pink Pepper, White Ginger
    Mid: Matcha, Cotton Peony, Neroli
    Base: Red Seaweed, Salty Moss, Musk
  • Mountain Memories ($160 | 50ml Eau de Parfum): A woody fragrance that unlocks deep thoughts like the early morning mountain air, opening with the subtle sweet mistiness from Oolong tea and black currant buds, before enveloping into the warm, deep familiarity of classic flora, woods, and leather.

    Top: Oolong Tea, Pink Pepper, Black Currant Bud
    Mid: Jasmine, Narcissus
    Base: Patchouli, Leather, Guaiac Wood, Oakmoss

  • Porcelain Pulse ($160 | 50ml Eau de Parfum): A warm earthy fragrance that captures the energy of captivating conversations, opening with the intriguing sweetness of carrot, rhubarb, and pear followed by an alluring blend of delicate white florals, cozy tobacco, and exquisite Darjeeling tea.

    Top: Carrot, Rhubarb, Pear, Black Tea, Cardamom
    Mid: Peony, Lily, Dried Apricot, Darjeeling Black Tea
    Base: Musk, Vetiver, Amber, Tobacco, Hay

  • Discovery Set ($25 | 2ml (x3) Eau de Parfum): Embark on an exciting fragrance journey with the Roots of a Nomad Discovery Set – a full collection of fresh, woody, and earthy tea scents.

ROAN Fragrances is available now at