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Authenticity50 Introduces Heritage American Sheets: Vintage Meets Modern Natural Cotton Bedding

Photo courtesy of Authenticity50

Authenticity50, the American-made bedding and home goods company known for its commitment to premium quality, ethical domestic manufacturing and supply chain transparency, introduces Heritage American Sheets; natural unbleached cotton sheets that are 100% “Seed to Stitch,” made in the United States and celebrates local craftsmanship and tradition.

Authenticity50’s Heritage American Sheets are part of a new ‘Vintage meets Modern’ bedding collection encompassing the high quality and durability that American-made is known for, and a classic and timeless look. Made with unbleached cotton and minimal processing, they feature the natural flecks found in raw cotton fibers. The name Heritage American represents the brand’s desire to capture the authenticity of the fabric, its enduring appeal and its American origin. The line is for consumers looking for premium, long-lasting bedding that’s locally made and kinder to the environment

“We’re proud of our domestic supply chain and radically low carbon footprint,” said Jimmy MacDonald, Authenticity50 co-founder. “Our sheets travel about 750 total miles for production and support local manufacturing communities. Other brands make their products overseas and transport them via container ships – one of the planet’s worst polluters.”

Launched for the warmer Spring season, the Heritage American Sheets feature a light and airy percale weave and come in “Rustic Cotton” – a natural shade showcasing the authentic color of the unbleached fabric.

“It’s a perfect neutral color for Spring, matches any room decor and instantly creates a welcoming vibe,” said co-founder Steph MacDonald. “The sheets are also durable, soft and sleep cool; great for warmer weather.”

The sheets begin with premium American long-staple cotton that produces an extremely fine, yet durable single-ply thread; this makes for a much softer and longer-lasting fabric and resists pilling. The raw cotton is spun into yarn in Georgia, woven at one of the last remaining textile mills in South Carolina and finished in Tennessee. The fabric then heads to New Jersey, where it’s cut and sewn by hand at a second-generation family-owned factory, to ensure the highest standards and quality. This fully 100% Seed-to-Stitch supply chain is the hallmark of Authenticity50, as every aspect of their products are sourced, grown and crafted in America.