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On a Gold Paved Road with Le Vian

Photo courtesy of Stockton Johnson

Family-owned jewelry house Le Vian has unveiled their latest collection, celebrating the luminosity of gold – just in time for Mother’s Day. With links to Persian royalty and a history dating back to the 15th Century, the Le Vian brand is the epitomeof timelessness.

From safeguarding ancient royal jewels to being sought after by Hollywood celebrities, Le Vian uniquely marries the old with the new, combining centuries of unparalleled craftsmanship with innovation, perfectly blending precious gemstones, natural color diamonds and opulent metals to create unique and interesting designs.

The glitter of gold has dazzled for millennia, with nearly every culture prizing the gleamingmetal for its rare beauty, entrusted by royalty through the ages to hold the most preciousof gems. The stuff of wonder and awe, of myths and legends, gold continues to capturethe imagination of jewelry enthusiasts and jewelers all over the world. With gold prices atrecord highs and the metal enjoying a stratospheric, dizzying rise in value, gold today is at its most precious.

Le Vian’s unique gold collections are embodiments of this incredible metal. In support of their Awe and Wonder trend forecast of gold ruling the roost in 2025, Le Vian is set to bring out many original, new collections of gold jewels, incorporating the trend into their new stories in a multitude of ways.

Capturing the radiance and beauty of the Southern Italian sky at golden hour, when the sun slips into the Tyrrhenian Sea is the Tramonto D’Oro collection (literally translating to “Sun set of Gold”). Crafted in glowing 14K gold, each captivating piece in the Tramonto D’Oro collection is a tribute to this moment in time. Le Vian artisans have set out to recreate that magical scene with the help of burnished gold and glittering diamonds, and to reflect the changing colors of the sunset is an ombr. of blues. The collection’s wide bands of polished gold rings with matching bangles, hoops and necklaces are an ode to the perfection of golden hour.

While some designs are set with constellations of brilliant diamond stars as they are scattered against a sky of gold, others capture the fiery glow of sunset in dancing rows of diamonds and gemstones against the backdrop of polished gold.

To be released exclusively at Jared just before Mother’s Day, Tramonto D’Oro is part of a series of new Le Vian releases for the store, celebrating 25 years of their partnership. The collection’s jewels make for the perfect present, and CEO Eddie LeVian says “Le Vian’s Tramonto D’Oro collection honors those who cherish the day’s fleeting beauty while embracing the tantalizing twilight and the potential it holds. It encapsulates the warmth and nostalgia of the golden hour, allowing you to celebrate the special person in your life with lasting elegance.”

In another ode to the gilded beauty of gold, but with more of an edge, Le Vian’s Gold Bar collection is inspired by actual bars or ingots of gold that have been fine-tuned as a design element in soft repeating patterns that are intermittently set with blocks or “bars” of diamonds.

The Gold Bar as a symbol captures the essence of the rapture associated with gold, representing the gold standard which is the rock-solid foundation of both the financial world and that of luxury. It ties in to the representation of gold as the ultimate in luxury and as a priceless commodity by which all wealth is measured.

The gold bars in each piece are seamlessly linked so that the jewels hug the body. As such, the necklace of gold bars interspersed with diamond studded bars of gold is the cornerstone of the collection which features matching bangles, dazzling hoops and statement rings.

Fueled by their passion for jewelry, Le Vian is not content with simply following trends, but sets them. Each year, Le Vian hosts a glittering catwalk show in Las Vegas where they unveil their trend forecast for the upcoming year, which indicates the key trends that will take the jewelry world by storm. To predict these, Le Vian analyzes the prevailing consumer sentiment through its deep ties with its widespread client base that spans across continents.

A close association with celebrities, who Le Vian regularly dresses for the red carpet, and with leading fashion magazines, is instrumental in Le Vian’s ability to capture the overarching moods in jewelry and condense them into key trends for the year.

The runway reveal of their latest designs encapsulating moods in jewelry is attended by collectors and gem enthusiasts. Similarly, they have presented exclusive, standing room only catwalk shows at the Tower of London in partnership with Ernest Jones, also showcasing the LeVian family’s private collection which dates back to 1501. The famed Koh-i-Noor diamond, which was safeguarded by the LeVian family when it was part of the Shah of Persia’s treasury, is also housed here.

The fine jewelry house of Le Vian therefore unites two luxury worlds – glamorous high style fashion trend forecasting and hand-made yet innovative fine jewelry designs incorporating rare, precious diamonds and gemstones. Recently, Le Vian revealed a magnificent $2 million one-of-a-kind matching parure of Emerald Cut Cornflower Ceylon sapphires that are ten carats each, of which Moossa LeVian, president of Le Vian, personally oversaw the matching and cutting to perfection.

Le Vian jewels are a favorite among celebrities. American singer Jennifer Lopez has been known to greet her stylist with the words, “Where’s my Le Vian?” Its jewels have also been sported by the likes of Rihanna, Camilla Cabello and Taylor Swift.

As a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, Le Vian maintains the in tegrity of its supply chain through rigorous third-party audits, upholding its pledge to social and ethical responsibility. Being a family business and seeing themselves still as merely “guardians of the jewels,” considering their customers and collectors as part of the family, Le Vian has developed policies that are unparalleled in the jewelry industry. Le Vian offers a certification in writing that provides detailed information about each piece they sell. The jewelry house also guarantees that their gems and diamonds are natural stones — their certification does not allow them to sell lab grown, synthetic or imitation stones. Furthermore, when someone buys a Le Vian piece and registers it, the company will repair the jewelry — free of charge and for life — for the collector, making sure the story of the jewel doesn’t end there. The Le Vian certification also guarantees trade ups at Le Vian shows for the price paid.

Le Vian is also committed to giving back a minimum of 10% of its before-tax profits to charity. The company is deeply involved in a number of causes, including supporting local communities and medical charities and building schools in the areas where the natural diamonds are mined. Le Vian is an important supporter of St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and of Jewelers for Children, which helps children in need and of Diamonds do Good. It is their sense of integrity, responsibility, their zest for giving back — and passion for fine jewelry that has lasted through the generations — that ensure they stand a class apart, weaving bejeweled, gold spun stories today and for centuries to come.