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Y.Chroma Launched First-Ever Pop-Up Retail Experience

Photo courtesy of Y.Chroma Apparel

Emerging premium menswear brand Y.Chroma debuted its first-ever pop-up shopping experience at Rothmans NY, the largest independently owned menswear store in the country. Y.Chroma’s made-in-Europe products will be available in Rothmans through Tuesday, June 25, as part of the brand’s first in-store shopping offering.

For the first time, customers will have the opportunity to sample the brand’s most in-demand looks, including award-winning pieces such as the Skyline Pant, Sevilla Shirt and Varial Shirt-cut Jacket series. This partnership will allow for new and existing customers to experience the Y.Chroma brand like never before.

“We’re pleased to partner with Rothmans, a force in the menswear industry, for Y.Chroma’s first in-store pop-up experience,” said Max Israel, founder and creative director of Y.Chroma. “Choosing Rothmans as our venue for our first New York brick-and-mortar presence was an easy choice. They’re iconic, and generations of New York men have trusted them to bring the best of the best.”

Designed with the men of Generation X in mind, Y.Chroma has set its sights on challenging the status quo of how mainstream professional men dress – what Israel refers to as the “forgettability uniform” of the blue blazer or polar fleece vest.

With styles rooted in the skate and surf-aesthetic, Y.Chroma has established itself as a brand that looks beyond individual pieces and resonates with individuals undergoing a transformative style journey.

“Y.Chroma will make a great addition to Rothmans’ brand portfolio,” said Ken Giddon, co-owner of Rothmans. “We take pride in discovering rising brands to offer a unique selection for our customers and Y.Chroma fits right into that approach. We’re confident that our customers will be drawn to this new addition, given the style and quality of Y.Chroma’s products.”

Since Y.Chroma’s 2022 launch, the brand has emerged as among the fastest growing brands in the menswear industry – a rare success story. The brand is projected to surpass their 2023 sales 700% by the end of the year. Y.Chroma was also highlighted as one of the eight emerging menswear brand’s at this year’s New York Fashion Week.

“I looked around this packed room at our show during New York Fashion Week and realized we have this almost religious following of New York customers. It was fantastic, and I knew we needed to find a way to make Y.Chroma more accessible to them,” said Israel. “The enthusiasm is remarkable, and we are grateful for the significant growth we’ve experienced this year. Introducing an in-store shopping experience will undoubtedly propel our expansion efforts even further.”