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Xiao-I Corporation Launches Totd: The Revolutionary AI Fashion Assistant “Try on Today”

Photo courtesy of Xiao

Xiao-I Corporation, a leading artificial intelligence company, has announced its latest innovation, Totd (Try on Today), whose Beta version is now open for testing. This AI-powered outfit-changing software is soon offering an unprecedented, true-to-life fashion experience catering to a wide range of users, each with unique needs and interests in the fashion and technology interface.

Totd targets a wide range of individuals who have a strong interest in fashion, beauty and personal image, including:

  • Online Fashion Shoppers: Users who enjoy the convenience of trying on clothes virtually before making a purchase.
  • Budding Fashion Designers: Recent graduates who may not be able to afford high modeling fees can now present their collections using AI.
  • Creative Artists: Those who utilize AI technology to create or enhance their artistic and video content.
  • Live streamers & audiences: Create different styles of video content through AI.
  • Designer Brands: Brands that can now showcase multiple styles through AI models, providing rich content for online stores.

Aiming to provide individuals with a superior AI-aided fashion experience, Totd stands out from its peers by offering higher algorithmic performance in the market with instant generation capabilities and zero need for manual post-editing. High-fidelity try-on ensures that Totd delivers the most realistic dressing experience, allowing every user to “shine out” in their digital appearances. Meanwhile, Totd is fashion-forward, empowering users to lead trends and elevate their image with just a click.

Totd is now available for testing, inviting everyone to experience fashion in a revolutionary way. The platform’s ability to simulate various outfits with precision and flair addresses the dynamic needs of its target demographic—enabling creativity, enhancing personal style and providing practical solutions for industry professionals.