Hive & Colony Offers Responsible Suiting Solutions With Innovative Fabric

Photo courtesy of Hive & Colony

In an era of accelerated fashion, several brands are striving to slow down with a more intentional approach to the materials they use and the processes they implement. Hive & Colony offers more mindful menswear solutions with its environmentally conscious textile offerings and reduced waste through careful customization. In 2024, the brand is prioritizing practices to provide a timeless product with a positive impact.

At its core, Hive & Colony emphasizes quality, long-lasting items in its design and production process. Every piece is custom from the fabric, to the buttons, to the lining and so on. With an appointment at one of their 11 showrooms, the Hive & Colony journey begins. An expert stylist walks each customer through what is known as the bespoke process, guiding one through customizing every suit element, selecting textiles, lapel and pocket styles, buttons and stitching and interior lining. The initial fitting also includes hand measurements which can take up to two hours to get done and receiving a bespoke suit can take anywhere from six to eight weeks. But, it’s important to remember that the tailors are taking the time to create a one-of-a-kind garment that will offer one the perfect fit. Hive & Colony represents their individual customer and their unique style with offerings that are elevated and sleek while infusing personal style.

Kevin Scott, chief operating officer at Hive & Colony said “bespoke suiting provides our clients with a satisfactory experience because of the immaculate finished product, while also ensuring we are intentional with the materials we use and the impact they have on the planet.” By designing each customer’s garments from scratch based on their unique measurements, the brand prevents the waste of unnecessary materials that often come with generic patterns in ready-to-wear fashion.

In addition to the bespoke process, Hive & Colony offers textiles carefully selected with the environment in mind. Bamboo, one of the brand’s most popular fabrics, is a vegan textile that eliminates waste as it requires very little water and has natural pest resistances mitigating the need for large amounts of pesticides. In 2024, Hive & Colony doubled its 100% Bamboo Collection, making the eco-friendly fabric a key brand offering. Bamboo’s breathable, moisture-wicking properties makes it a favorite among customers. In addition, Hive & Colony partners with fabric mills that use recycled materials like hemp and viscose to make their wool fabric stronger and better.

“Our commitment is to provide our customers with an exceptional product they can feel good about purchasing and will have for many years to come. Quality and care is of the utmost importance to us and these are values we will continue to uphold and advance as we grow our selections,” said Scott.

In addition to suiting, other Hive & Colony offerings include ready-to -wear, knitwear, handcrafted accessories and more. Hive & Colony anticipates a heavy expansion within the United States and ultimately going international.