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The Power Couple

Jed and Lindsay Wilder of Citi Habitats.
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Thanks to hard work and a commitment to clients, Citi Habitats’ Jed and Lindsay Wilder are among New York real estate’s fastest rising stars

For Jed and Lindsay Wilder, the greatest reward is helping clients make smart choices about big real estate decisions. As one of Citi Habitats’ top-performing teams, The Wilder Team offers a full suite of professional services for renters, buyers, sellers, and investors.  In addition, they manage a rental portfolio of more than 1,000 apartments for a diverse group of landlords.  These owners trust Jed, Lindsay, and their team to find qualified tenants to fill their properties.  As advocates and advisors, Jed and Lindsay help their clients meet and exceed their diverse real estate goals.

Partners in business and in life, Jed and Lindsay both realized early on that they had a passion for the real estate business.

Jed, who was born and raised in Manhattan, attended the University of Arizona and graduated from Baruch College.  After college he started working in commercial real estate, first at Massey Knakal and then at Halstead Property.  At Halstead, Jed worked alongside a broker who dealt with commercial non-performing debt, as well as commercial real estate loans.  This gave him valuable experience in real estate finance.  His family also has strong ties to the industry.  Jed’s grandfather was a prolific builder of housing communities and shopping centers across New Jersey.

Meanwhile, Lindsay, a native of Marlboro, NJ, graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2009 and promptly started a career in the wholesale jewelry business in Midtown Manhattan.  However, it didn’t take her long to transition to real estate.

“I’ve always been interested in architecture and residential buildings,” Lindsay explains.  “Whenever a family member or friend was looking for a new place to live, I would always offer to help.  I enjoy finding the hidden potential in a home, and envisioning how to maximize its best attributes through smart design.”

After going through the process of buying her own co-op, and then remaining hands-on throughout the renovation process, Lindsay realized that she needed to follow her calling.  She joined Citi Habitats as a real estate agent in 2012.

In her first month at Citi Habitats, Lindsay closed 16 rental transactions, a feat she attributes to her photographic memory when it comes apartments and landlords—including their quirks, unique features, and policies.

“Lindsay has an uncanny ability to match clients with buildings,” Jed says.  “She knows based on someone’s needs and budget, where they can find their ideal home.  It’s part art, and part science.”

When Jed saw how successful his fiancée was becoming in residential real estate, he decided to switch over from the commercial side of the business.  He joined Citi Habitats three months after Lindsay.

As often happens in this industry, one of the new team’s big breaks occurred on the golf course.  Jed was on the links with an investor who was looking to sell his small portfolio of three mid-sized buildings.  Jed explained that his team could help find qualified tenants for the landlord’s properties.  After this meeting, their business relationship grew.  When the portfolio’s new owner asked for a recommendation as to who could help her lease the apartments, the seller suggested Jed and Lindsay.  The rest was history.

Jed and Lindsay leveraged this first partnership to build relationships with several landlords, some of which were referrals and others, the result of cold-calling building owners and offering their ‘tenant-finding’ services.  Currently, the Wilder Team represents a total of 13 landlords including SBM Associates, Krumholz Realty, and Whiterock LLC.

“Our focus is working with mom-and-pop landlords who own between one and 20 multi-unit buildings,” says Lindsay.  “These owners are very hands-on, as these buildings are big investments for them.  We do our best to keep them aware of market conditions, and stress the importance of pricing units competitively to make them attractive to would-be renters.”

The Wilder Team is also skilled at helping people find their own slice of the Big Apple.  New York City’s real estate market is unique and often highly competitive.  Jed and Lindsay advise all home-seekers to be realistic about their expectations and create a list of ‘wants’ versus ‘needs.’  In addition, it’s important to be prepared with the proper paperwork and ready access to funds before embarking on an apartment search.

“Good brokers add value, and help tenants make informed decisions,” Jed explains. “Experienced agents know the local market like only a professional can.  We live and breathe real estate, and can answer ‘insider’ questions regarding the reputations of landlords and buildings—as well as lease-renewal policies and what tenants can expect down the road.  Our goal is to help clients find a great apartment–with great terms.”

While Jed and Lindsay started in the industry with a focus on rentals, they have also developed a significant sales business as well.  Their steady flow of sales clientele is largely referral-based.  Many are neighbors of previous clients who were impressed with the Wilder Team’s past performance.

Their expertise in pricing homes appropriately to reflect local market conditions is one factor in their success in the sales market.  It’s important to generate maximum interest in the first days and weeks a property is for sale, before the listing goes ‘stale.’ By determining the correct asking price, Jed and Lindsay are often able to close the deal for over the asking price after just one open house.

Over the years, Jed and Lindsay’s team has grown along with their business.  The Wilder Team now consists of six licensed real estate professionals.  In addition to Jed and Lindsay, the team includes Jason Zeller, who works to find qualified tenants for multiple Manhattan landlords, as well as individual co-op/condo owners and investors.  Team members Jared Goldman and Joe Linder assist in the management of several landlord accounts, in addition to showing apartments and holding open houses.  Misael Nunez is the newest addition to the team.  He specializes in helping referral clients and new leads alike find their best home.

Married since 2013, Jed and Lindsay live on the Upper East Side, and are the proud parents of their 18-month old daughter, Parker.  Although real estate is a demanding career, the couple make time for travel, both domestically and abroad.  An avid golfer, Jed tries to play as often as he can, while Lindsay enjoys working out—spin class is a personal favorite.  Most importantly, they enjoy spending time together as a family.

While the Wilder Team has special expertise working in Midtown, the Upper East and West Sides as well as East Harlem, they are happy to help clients in all neighborhoods.   A true one-stop resource for renters, buyers, sellers, and investors, Jed and Lindsay have created a powerful group of professionals who are always here to help.  With Jed’s real estate finance background and Lindsay’s eye for design, the Wilder Team is able to assist clients in all aspects of real estate, from economics to aesthetics.

Business growth is their primary goal for the future.  However, they don’t plan to change the winning formula of honesty, market knowledge, and superior service that has been the key to their continued success.

Jed and Lindsay Wilder
The Wilder Team @ Citi Habitats
130 East 59th Street, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10022

 Jed Wilder

 Lindsay Krantz Wilder

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