Moving Like a Master

Learning how to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible.

There are few things quite as stressful as moving. Not only is your sense of security uprooted for a new, unfamiliar place, but in order to even get there you must spend hours packing and unpacking each and every thing that you own in a way that’s organized, to both you and your movers if you choose to hire help, and will ensure all of your belongings make it to their destination unharmed. The task is daunting, one so strenuous for some that they end up rushing the process and making easily-avoidable mistakes that result in it being much more unpleasant than is necessary. In order to make the transition as painless as possible, here are some tips to consider when making the switch from one space to another:

Plan your time accordingly. As if moving day wasn’t challenging enough, waiting until the morning of to finish boxing up your stuff creates an entire other stressor that really isn’t necessary. Especially if you’re receiving help—be it from a professional moving company, family member, or friend—not only does a mad-dash or delay on the big day waste their time and cause them unease, but you run a much bigger risk of breakages and boxing mishaps if there’s a sense of urgency. If you’re moving, chances are you’ll have a more than adequate heads-up, giving you enough time to get everything together in a timely fashion.

Keep organized. This is certainly important when packing, as it allows you to keep tabs on what’s already been put away, where it’s gone, and which boxes need to be handled with particular care. However, organization is especially important for unpacking. With no labels on anything, you’ll find yourself with a mess of boxes and no way to unload in a tactical way, which will inevitably delay the process of easing into your new home. If you’ve designated which boxes are kitchenware, which holds your bedroom lamp, and where the coffee table trinkets are, you eliminate the treasure hunt, and each box can be conveniently placed in its proper room upon move-in.

Pack with care. The single most common mistake people make when moving is not packaging their items properly, leading to the immense disappointment of broken mirrors, pictures, plates, and even items that aren’t traditionally delicate, as riding around in the back of a trunk can do any amounts of damage. Make sure to stock up on bubble wrap, cushioning rolls, and tape before you begin packing, so you can ensure you have enough for all your belongings. Don’t skimp on protection—this is your valued property we’re talking about. It’s well worth the extra time to individually wrap all of your glassware, give each picture frame it’s own bubble wrap sleeve, take the light bulbs out of lamps, etc. Another careless packing mistake is underestimating how many boxes you’ll need, leading to boxes being overstuffed and at high risk for busting open and depositing all of its contents onto the floor. Plus, if you distribute the weight of each box in a thoughtful, reasonable way, you and the mover will be better able to carry them, reducing the sore muscles that often come after move-in day.

Moving doesn’t have to be this dreaded event, it can even be incredibly exciting so long as you do yourself the favor of taking the right steps in preparing, protecting, and packing up in a smart, strategic way.

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