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Florida Hotels Offering Sleep-Enhancing Amenities

According to TravelPulse, 80% of travelers claim that their sleeping patterns are disturbed when they are away from the comfort of their own beds. While the underlying reason for each person’s discomfort may vary, all travelers emphasize the importance of getting quality sleep while away from their homes. We’ve compiled a list of hotels in Florida that have introduced activities and amenities that promote great sleep.

Get Ready for Bed at The Gabriel Miami

The Gabriel Miami, a modern skyscraper hotel located in the heart of Downtown Miami, offers guests the city of Miami in arms reach. From the glass-bottom pool, to Satori Spa, the Gabriel Miami offers more than the most luxurious and comfortable stays for its guests. In order to truly boost the bedtime experience, The Gabriel Miami has specially curated a “Get Ready for Bed with The Gabriel” package. This package includes:

  • Air Purifier

  • Lavender scented weighted blankets

  • Rosemary scented pillow sprays

  • Blue-Light Glasses

  • Aroma/Essential Oil Diffusers

    • Lavender, eucalyptus

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Address: 1100 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132


REM for 2 at Balfour Hotel 

The Balfour Hotel provides a secluded oasis for guests right in the heart of South Beach, Miami. The Art Deco-style hotel surrounds a lush, private courtyard, setting the scene for the perfect romantic retreat. The Balfour invites guests to enter a state of zen and get a great night’s sleep; the hotel has curated a package for couples that will have you falling in love – and falling asleep. This package includes:

  • An in-room massage tutorial for partners, complete with CBD and lavender-infused massage oils

  • His-and-hers mugs and tea infusers with an array of Sleepytime tea leaves

  • His-and-hers sleep masks (3D-contoured for eyelash protection)

  • Lavender shower steamers

  • Exclusive room service cocktail menu featuring both aphrodisiac and calming ingredients such as cherry juice, thai chili and ginseng.

*The package is available upon request and subject to availability.

Address: 350 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139


Nappy Hour Menu  

The Gabriel South Beach is conveniently located in the heart of Miami on the lively Ocean Drive. Once the activities for the day are over, guests are treated to an assortment of hand-picked items to help them wind down. One such offering is theGabriel’s in-room “Nappy Hour” menu, featuring in-room sleep-aid items such as::

  • SNOOZ Hospitality white noise machines designed specifically for hotel rooms

  • Aromatherapy bath products

  • Calm by Wellness CBD lavender lotion

  • Bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Selection of teas such as peppermint tea

*The package is available upon request and subject to availability.

Address: 640 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139


Full Day of Activities to Promote the Best Sleep Possible

You’ll never be bored at Hotel Effie , especially with Hotel Effie’s new itinerary full of activities designed to have guests ready to sleep by the end of the day. The hotel’s Sleep Concierge will personalize an itinerary to their specific interests, abilities and schedules. Itineraries may include:

  • Private session with a sleep therapist. The session will discuss sleep concerns. The therapist will then provide customized advice for achieving restful nights.

  • Guests will then receive a personalized acupressure treatment at Spa Lilliana that involves a blend of sleep-inducing essential oils, including lavender, geranium, and chamomile.

  • Food & Beverage special that include sleep-facilitating ingredients, such as lavender, turkey, and baby spinach – all of which include sleep agents

Address: 1 Grand Sandestin Blvd, Miramar Beach, FL 32550


Deep Sleep for the Whole Family

Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort is an optimal location for families to vacation because of the many condos and townhome rentals equipped with home-like amenities – ideal for multigenerational families seeking exclusivity and privacy. At Sandestin, parents can book with ease knowing that the resort has created an in-room children’s bedtime package to get their little ones ready and excited to get to sleep. This package includes:

  • Mugs and whimsical tea infusers

  • An array of Sleepytime tea leaves to choose from with easy-to-follow instructions for the DIY experience kids love

  • Boys and girls’ sleep masks

  • “Goodnight Miami” bedtime storybook

  • White-noise machine with a variety of settings


Sleepy Sips and Skincare at Shelborne South Beach

Located in the heart of the Art Deco District, Shelborne South Beach, is the epitome of classic South Beach glamor and opulence throughout the 1960s. Known for its pool-side cabanas, beach-front access and surrounding vibrant nightlife, the Shelborne hosts those looking for an iconic Miami experience. After a long day’s worth of festivities, wind down with Shelborne’s Sleepy Sips and Skin Care package, specially curated to boost guests’ sleep experience. The package includes:

  • CBD-infused Chamomile teas served in Art Deco chic mugs

  • Sleep-enhancing body butters

  • Lavender-infused room spray

  • Soothing eye-masks

  • Eucalyptus fragranced bath-bombs

Address: 1801 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida 33139


Unwind at The Marker

Historic Old Town Key West has a way of transporting guests back to simpler times. The Marker Key West Harbor Resort, a lush hideaway on the Key West Seaport, strives to preserve that feeling for guests throughout the duration of their stay – especially at nighttime. In order to promote deep sleep, guests can opt for The Marker’s “Lights Out” bedtime ritual by informing the concierge of their desired bedtime and letting the hotel handle the rest. Guests can unplug and unwind, free to focus on their nighttime routines after a day out in the sun:

  • Turndown service

  • Brown noise sound machine

  • CBD infused tea to relax and wind down

  • Eucalyptus scented pillow mist

  • Silk eye mask

  • Bedtime stories taken from Key West’s most notable writers including Hemingway.

*Available upon request.

Address: 200 William St, Key West, FL 33040


Quiet Your Mind

The countless amenities offered at THesis Hotel make relaxation effortless, but sometimes it can be hard to quiet your mind even on vacation. Whether you find yourself checking your email or thinking about all of the tasks to complete when you get back home, distractions are bound to occur. Upon entry, guests can find branded sleep kits stuffed with an eye mask, moisturizing lotion and a lavender spray for a slow-wave sleep. THesis Hotel Miami wants to help guests escape during their stay, which is why a blank journal is included in the rooms for guests. Before getting into bed, guests are encouraged to write; atop each journal is a guide to journaling manifestations, lists or columns to write down and categorize stressful subjects you can or cannot control. Journaling is a proven-effective method of organizing your thoughts, and as a result, quieting your mind. This practice will have guests sleeping soundly and making the most of the THesis experience.

*Available upon request.

Address: 1350 S Dixie Hwy, Coral Gables, FL 33146


Stargazing at Hillsboro 

Hillsboro Beach Resort, the only resort in Hillsboro, has recently launched a bucket list nighttime activity, beach stargazing. This experience is the perfect end to a relaxing day spent at the beachfront oasis. Guests can now rent a telescope from the “Constellation Concierge” and enjoy the view of the expansive night sky from the sand. This offer includes:

  • A “sky map” customized to Hillsboro’s perspective of the sky to aid in locating the constellations

  • A  Zhumell telescope: a high-performing product providing the most detailed views

Address: 1159 Hillsboro Mile, Hillsboro Beach, FL 33062