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Debbie Dickinson Gallery Presents New Exhibition “Ombre”

Courtesy of Debbie Dickinson Galleries

Curator Debbie Dickinson invites guests to view how seven artists reflect and respond to the influence of dark to light in a group exhibition of working painters, sculptors, art photographers and mixed media artists. Every work the viewer experiences in this show will feature how the artists have interpreted these times while enduring this dramatic era. From the artists’ fingertips, “Ombre” is the extension of sage energy using expert techniques directly communicated from their minds to canvas, mixed media and bronze. It is when the greatest pianist executes his opus. Great artists’ minds and visual artworks merge into one. These artworks feature an awakening and reinvention. Shades from the perspective of the artists are interpreted through various mediums and periods when they originally imagined the works. Everything is becoming emotionally light. For the viewer it could be a period of rebirth, an experiential metaphorical process of pain to pleasure or the dawn of a new concept. The viewer’s interpretation is subjective. There is a collective interspatial mindset from the artists that everything doesn’t have to be identified to the viewer. Labels have evaporated. This is an experience of exhilaration without explanation and allowing personal realizations upon viewing the “Ombre” exhibition that will bring forth levity from the heaviness we have gone through.


The Debbie Dickinson Gallery

Debbie Dickinson established her art experience with over 70 art shows, promotions and curations throughout New York, The Hamptons, Palm Beach, Wynwood and Art Basel Week in Miami Beach. This will mark the second chapter for her in the arts as she has a legendary international super modeling career as a photographer’s muse. Dickinson traveled the globe working with the top international artists and fashion designers by representing their work as consultant, curator, public relation expert and producer of major projects. The new location encompasses 2900-square-foot retail space on 14th Street in the Union Square District. The gallery will be known for showing a balance of post-modern masters, working and emerging artists. She also exhibits at major art fairs, curates’ private homes, new real estate developments and hotels.


About The Artists

Audrey Schilt is an artist, designer and illustrator who has worked in the fashion industry for more than thirty years, sketching and designing for some of the most revered names in fashion history (including Halston for whom she most notably created Jackie Kennedy’s pillbox hat). Schilt became the creative director VP of Design for Women’s Runway Collection at Ralph Lauren where she collaborated on the now celebrated pink silk gown that Gwyneth Paltrow wore to the 1998 Academy Awards. Her artistic range also includes watercolors, portraiture and illustrative line drawings.


“When I was designing, we had a team, they would bring in mood boards, there was always Ralph [Lauren] talking about the theme that he wanted so a lot of it came from tear sheets and exactly what he wanted,” Schilt said. “Then you just do so much sketching and re-sketching and designing that it just comes through. You’re not even thinking about it, you know? It’s just like ‘oh this is new’ and it’s like the universe is channeling through you. I’m channeling the universe, that’s what it feels like.”


Although shaped by memory, Bryan LeBoeuf’s work springs from his imagination. He then borrows from the visual world to give it authenticity. Traditional compositions incorporate meticulously painted surfaces and lighting effects informed by European masters. His tightly controlled technique, representational subject matter and subtly manipulated compositions create a through-the-looking-glass illusion, removing barriers between viewers and the images.


“I’m very excited to work with Debbie and this group of artists she’s curated,” LeBoeuf said. “I have nine pieces that are in the show and some of them are very contemporary and very recent and some of them have spanned quite a few years and the overarching theme of the show I was impressed with how it came together with what she curated.”


Bill Buchman is a popular and prolific artist, musician, educator and author whose expressive work draws on his extensive musical background. An intimate familiarity with what is meant by a harmony, a melody and a rhythm informs his every move with the paint brush. Buchman’s career has spanned more than fifty years and he is known for abstractions characterized as “symphonies of space, form and color” and his figures, which are described as “lightning bursts of energy condensed into a fine line.”


David Hostetler is an American wood carver, sculptor, painter, jazz musician and Professor Emeritus at Ohio University. His career-spanning 67 years- has focused on the feminine form in exotic and Native American hardwoods that translated into bronze sculptures and paintings. He saw a female form in the trees while walking through his woods and with the sound of his mallet striking a metal gouge, transformed those ancient trees into women. This world, unique unto itself, is the world created by David L. Hostetler.


Iran Issa Khan shared, “In 2000, I transitioned from photographing beautiful people and celebrities in national and international magazines to flowers and objects of nature. My photographic work has captured the sensuality of flowers, tropical plants, seashells and numerous flora and fauna objects, immediately translating their natural beauty into sensuous art forms.”


Megan Heekin Triantafillou has been featured in galleries throughout the United States in both group shows and solo exhibitions and has been highlighted locally in Cincinnati at several notable galleries. Her paintings are “abstract, nonobjective representations of aspects relating to nature and spirituality.” Extensive anthologies of Triantafillou’s work can be found in collections throughout Cincinnati, including the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital and has received several awards, including a feature in the Top 100 Artists at The Circle Foundation for the Arts in Lyon, France in 2018.


Debbie Dickinson and the artists send gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Chashama for their support of this exhibition. To learn more, visit