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Wellness Trends for 2023

Photo courtesy of RoundGlass

RoundGlass, a Wholistic Wellbeing company, is committed to providing wellbeing seekers around the world a unique online platform, with access to effective meditation tools and other modalities to help them live a more balanced and joyful life. Prakriti Poddar, global head, mental health and wellbeing and Dr. David Vago, research lead at RoundGlass and the RoundGlass team have identified these trends.


“One-Stop Shops” for Holistic Wellness

This trend continues to get traction. Integrated approaches to wellbeing are increasing, with increased focus on multiple domains of wellbeing, rather than strictly the “life of the solitary mind.” Holistic wellbeing involves our physical and emotional lives, our intellectual and social lives as well as our relation to the environment and to the world at large. Wellbeing apps that address all these many and varied aspects of wellbeing are growing in number. RoundGlass was founded on this principal of multiple modalities, diversity and integration, and now you see meditation and relaxation apps like Calm and Headspace moving into the mental health space.


The Emotional Side of Fitness

There’s been a positive shift in the ethos of today’s fitness world, from “how will this workout make me look?” to “how will this workout make me feel and live a better life?” People are becoming interested in workouts that support their emotional wellbeing and mental health, while helping relieve the effects of day-to-day stress, as reported in the Time Magazine article “Forget Physique. Mental Health Is the Newest, Hottest Fitness Goal” written by Jamie Ducharme. At RoundGlass, the offerings reflect and lead this trend, with content such as “Yoga for Balancing Emotions,” individual yoga classes, “Nature Walk” meditations and more.


Spiritual Wellbeing

We’re seeing mental health care in the U.S. move away from standardized solutions and being heavily dependent on pharmacological remedies. Studies now show that the best new treatments focus on providing patients with finding social support networks and often a spiritual connection to something greater than themselves. This is an expansion of the concept of wellbeing prevalent in integrative and functional medicine approaches that incorporate meditation and yoga as treatment modalities. Religious and spiritual life help strengthen community and provide an important health resource for many people throughout the world. And for many people, medical decisions are shaped by their spiritual and religious beliefs. Our spiritual wellbeing is also a key factor in current wellbeing and meditation research. For example, a new book was recently published on “The Spiritual Brain.” It focuses on experiences of self-transcendence and non-dual awareness as significant contributors to positive effects on mental and physical health outcomes, including coping with pain and improving recovery from addiction. Accessible apps that focus on multiple domains of wellbeing are increasing in demand and popularity as well.


Mental Wellness Content for Underserved Groups

Content curation for underserved and often disadvantaged populations, such as older adults as well as Black, Latino and Indigenous communities is increasing. We’ve recently seen athletes from different sports going against expectations and advocating for their own mental wellness. When influential personalities talk openly about the importance of mental wellness, the stigma is removed, and the door for people to seek help opens something more popular celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Lizzo, Charlamagne tha God, Naomi Osaka, Simone Biles and Serena Williams have done. From a research perspective, Dr. Angela Rose Black is working to have black women’s voices and experiences become part of health and wellness research and practice. RoundGlass has prided itself in finding teachers from every corner of the world and diverse backgrounds to ensure that wellbeing-seekers find someone that resonates with them.


Health and Wellness Tracking

Tracking health and wellness outcomes across wellbeing apps is increasing. More apps with a focus on tracking and personalized content recommendations are increasing engagement with apps. Mood tracking, for example, is starting to outperform apps that focus on only one aspect of wellbeing, according to Apptopia.com. RoundGlass predicts that there will be growth in this trend across different sectors.


Immersive and Healing Sound

Soundscapes, including binaural beats, 3-D spatial audio and isochronic tones are helping stimulate and entrain brain rhythms to reduce anxiety, facilitate relaxation, improve concentration and promote healing. For example, one company, Spatial Inc., has partnered with HealthTunes to create therapeutic playlists for clinical healthcare environments settings. RoundGlass has increased their music library offerings with sound baths, longform meditation music and more. This trend has also been seen in the hospitality industry, with hotels and wellness centers offering these types of experiences, such as The Conrad hotel in Midtown Manhattan.


ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)

Part of the growing research and popularity of immersive sound is due to ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). The idea behind ASMR is to capture that bodily-emotional experience using multiple sensory modalities. Who wouldn’t want to spontaneously generate the tingling, goose-bump-inducing sensation of euphoria? RoundGlass offers a class that focuses on auditory sensation and relaxation called “Yoga Nidra: Sensory Experience.”


Meditation for Pain

New research is demonstrating that meditation engages multiple, non-placebo related mechanisms to attenuate pain. Pain intensity and unpleasantness has been found to be reduced significantly, up to 33% with short training in mindfulness meditation. A recent study published July 7, 2022 in “PAIN,” showed that mindfulness meditation interrupted the communication between brain areas involved in pain sensation and those that produce the sense of self. In the proposed mechanism, pain signals still move from the body to the brain, but the individual does not feel as much ownership over those pain sensations, so their pain and suffering is reduced.


The Rise of Rest

Many people are starting to choose sound baths and restorative yoga over HIIT classes and hustle culture. There is also ever-greater emphasis on sleep as the ultimate form of self-care. RoundGlass Living features a wide range of content to help wellbeing seekers find the best solution to get rest and to sleep well, including: sleep stories, sleep meditations, “Yoga Before Bed,” “Yoga to Rest and Recharge” and “2-Minute Power Nap.” 



This age-old practice is showing significant improvements in reducing inflammation; From box breathing to cyclic hyperventilation and breath retention practices, there is a significant increase in scientific evidence demonstrating the benefits of breathwork. For example, “box breathing,” involves exhaling to a count of four, holding your lungs empty for a four-count, inhaling to a count of four, and holding air in your lungs for a count of four before exhaling and repeating the pattern. Box breathing has specifically been found to increase relaxation, reduces hypertension and improves cardiovascular function. RoundGlass Living offers breathwork classes and courses including “Breathwork for Beginners,” “Breathwork for Instant Relaxation” and more. If you are interested in a box breathing class, check out the RoundGlass Living class “Box Breathing for Maximum Calm.”


Plant-Forward Eating

Eating a more plant-based diet is good for our health and the planet. As sales of products like plant-based milks continue to soar, people are looking to incorporate more plant-forward meals into their weekly menus. This is reflected in the growing number of vegan restaurants and celebrity chefs like Amanda Cohen and Shenarri Freeman that are being recognized for elevating vegan cooking. One of RoundGlass Living’s most popular pathways recommended for wellbeing seekers is “healthy eating.” RoundGlass Food is becoming a destination for anyone interested in plant-based eating to learn the basics and help them on their wellness journey.