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Contemporary Artist Wang Yihan Launches Art Studio and Gallery Capturing Inspiration From Singapore’s Vibrant, Multicultural Heritage

SOURCE Wang Yihan Singapore Studio and Gallery

Former China beauty queen and post-90’s contemporary artist Wang Yihan has debuted her eponymous Wang Yihan Singapore Studio and Gallery at 25 Chapel Road. The studio and gallery doubles as a social space for networking, collaboration and ideation for champions, future leaders, and change-makers from the financial and technology sectors.

The gallery, located in Singapore’s famed Katong district in the East, will showcase Wang’s post-90’s artwork at a historic bungalow. Built in Singapore in the 1900s, the estate was intentionally selected as Yihan’s art studio as a space which unites the historical and the modern – themes which epitomize Singapore’s robust cultural history, and underscore Wang’s game-changing works of art.

To celebrate the opening of the gallery, a charity art auction was organized where over S$30,000 was raised. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the China Red Cross to provide health assistance and medical aid to China, and to La Cura Mobility, a senior care service provider in Singapore that focuses on strengthening seniors’ physical and mental health.

“The Wang Yihan Singapore Studio and Gallery is the realization of a lifelong dream, where my art can be exhibited in an intimate space which engenders inward reflection and outward conversation. This space will be a convener, a crossroads for the gathering of talents from the financial and technology sectors, and a space where art and culture intertwine,” said Wang Yihan, contemporary artist and co-founder of Wang Yihan Singapore Studio and Gallery.

Wang Yihan or Jennifer started painting from the age of four. Over the years, her artwork has been presented at various art competitions and exhibitions including as part of China’s representation at the Paris Art Exhibition to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France. Her works of art are collected by some of the world’s most prestigious art colonies including global political dignitaries and royal families.

“I am thrilled that this gallery will be home to some of my acclaimed artwork series such as The Rich and Noble Elf, A Dream of Glazed Light, Forest Dreaming, and Classic of Mountains and Seas. These iconic artworks were greatly inspired by my visit to Singapore in 2018, where I was captivated by the richness of Singapore’s cultural fabric and felt the desire to translate this multicultural, multi-racial, and multi-religious vibrance on canvas. I have tremendous respect for the Singapore government and their dedication towards supporting the local arts and cultural scene. It is a testament of their unwavering support and encouragement for artists like myself, who yearn to contribute to Singapore’s progressive art and cultural scene in my own creative way. To me, it symbolizes a great opportunity for creative exchanges in our modern world,” Wang concluded.

Building on her passion for art, Wang Yihan has served as a guest lecturer at the Shanghai Academy of Drama, Shanghai Normal University, and Donghua University. Outside of art, Wang Yihan is also an entrepreneur having started her own modeling agency and media company. She has also been selected as the official spokesperson of the Shanghai International Brand Week along with spokesperson roles for other organizations such as the World Association of Calligraphers and Painters and the China Cheongsam Association.

Wang Yihan has also represented China at different international beauty pageants where she won four titles and was named Miss China. Her experiences in the space saw her return as a judge and training instructor for multiple beauty pageants in China where she helped with younger generations in their pursuit of beauty and excellence.