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Elizabeth Tringali PA-C: Functional Medicine Expert and CEO of Tringali Vibrant Health: “Fountain of Youth”

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Tringali

Early childhood experiences lead Elizabeth Tringali down the path to her life’s work. Her code of arms is the well-known words spoken by Hippocrates, the father of medicine, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” There has never been a more important time to pay attention to what we put in our bodies. With auto-immune diseases on the rise and the reality that a calorie is not a calorie anymore, the approaches of the past are not the tools deployed today. Her holistic approach integrates science with nature.

My curiosity led me to inquire what was the catalyst to take on this work. I learned that when Tringali was 12, her dad had a widowmaker heart attack and later a 7-way bypass. As he was being treated, she turned the traumatizing events into positive action, devouring the nutrition handouts and immersing herself in the dietary guidelines. These experiences were the initial spark for a lifelong fascination with the body, health and nutrition. After discovering and uncovering through vast learning, Tringali pursued Functional Medicine. Beginning her career in internal medicine in 1999, she has become a sought-after board-certified physician assistant in Palm Beach County. Tringali integrates traditional and alternative medicines to advance the optimal functioning of your body and its organs.

Noticing the secret whispers that began to get louder, I found myself hearing Elizabeth Tringali’s name around town and was motivated to make my way through her door as I was experiencing these concerning vertigo moments. I knew my system was out of balance, but I didn’t know why or what to do to restore it. Entering through the doors of Tringali Vibrant Health had me immediately feeling at ease. A highly skilled team, a spacious practice that candidly had a number of creature comforts which was perfect for calming my anxiousness.

What struck me about Tringali is that we could launch into a no-holds-barred conversation and I could say anything. Truly amazed at how swiftly an hour flew by, there was no wasting time with the ever-attentive Tringali. By the time I was bidding the office adieu, I had my lab work scheduled and a follow-up appointment on the calendar. Feeling better already and a bit giddy, I turned and gave the peace sign and a smile expressing that I couldn’t wait to learn what the results would reveal.

Tringali is not only skilled and wise; she is statuesquely beautiful and exudes a warm, empathetic demeanor. Generous with her vast knowledge and a keen understanding that we are all unique, her approach focuses on customized, individualized and personalized medicine. And a signature of Tringali Vibrant Health is clearly defined processes that leave you feeling confident in the team and grateful for the care. The road to optimal health is a marathon, not a sprint.

Having graduated from many conversations with Tringali, and being a good patient, keeping my bloodwork current, I know how to be a strong advocate for my health. Intrigued by the variety of treatments and thankful to have received some IV therapies and vitamins that got me through the disruptive symptoms. Onward and upward, I invite you to stay tuned for my next discussion on hormones. And, if you are feeling off, noticing your spark has dimmed or are dealing with something serious, Tringali and her amazing team serve patients at their Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach offices.

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