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Metta Risdal: Taking Tequila to the Top

Photo courtesy of UNI

Metta Risdal, originally from Norway, came to America with a dream to share her passion and love of organic health by creating Uni Tequila, one of the very few USDA-approved organic liquors. Organic tequila is cultivated using sustainable farming practices, and the agave is free of harmful chemicals and certified by the USDA. Risdal’s Uni Tequila leaves the earth healthier for future generations. Risdal shared, “I’m very proud that we are USDA-certified organic; less than one percent of high-end spirits in the liquor industry is organic. There really has been a gap in the market.”

Growing up in Norway, Risdal’s mother encouraged an organic lifestyle by cultivating their own fruits and vegetables. Coming to America, she achieved her dream by becoming a successful female entrepreneur importing her custom tequila from Mexico to primary markets such as New York City, the Hamptons, Palm Beach and beyond. Uni Tequila can be found at notable locations such as the Baccarat Hotel in New York City, Saint Ambroeus restaurants in the Hamptons and New York City, the W Hotel South Beach, Gurney’s Resort in the Hamptons and Jupiter, Florida waterfront restaurant and private club, 1000 North.

With no desire to slow down, Risdal is shipping across the U.S. through her website. Uni Tequila’s Blanco is aged in French and American oak barrels for up to two months and is sold in 750 milliliter bottles. Most Blanco tequilas are bottled immediately, but it is Risdal’s extra aging in her barrels that gives her tequila hints of wonderful and unique flavors that separate her from other brands. Her Anejo Tequila is aged up to two years in oak barrels.


Risdal’s sustainable focus extends beyond what is in the bottle; she incorporates a natural cork stopper and organic packaging, and this emphasis on the smallest of details has catapulted Uni Tequila onto the scene. The beautiful Uni Tequila bottles stand out on any bar with their all-natural hot stamp and silkscreen signature nine-diamond pattern. The nine diamonds are an homage to traditional checkered flooring and represent the nine men and women working in both the field and distillery in Mexico who produce perfection.


As a female entrepreneur and founder, she has been steadfast in her commitment to helping other women achieve their dreams. She has sponsored many young female students in Mexico so they can get an education and become independent. Her work with Sharing a Dream Foundation in Guatemala, a charity fighting to provide fair wages for all, reflects her dedication to helping young women achieve success. “As a woman, I am grateful to work in the hospitality industry, which is very friendly and supportive of each other. Despite the industry being 90 percent male-dominated, it is a business supportive of women, and I encourage more women to pursue their goals in this field,” shared Risdal.


Uni Tequila is permeating not just businesses and stores; it is being welcomed into special events all around the country. The brand, which is in high demand, has sponsored over 25 events just in the past year. From events at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach to charities such as the South Hampton Animal Shelter, Uni Tequila is being enjoyed by many. Its natural flavors developed from the aging process have landed it on many shelves.


The brand was named by Risdal to represent the motto “always better together.” Uni stands for “You and I,” Risdal shared, “The idea of sharing an organic cocktail together can make life better in more than one way.”


For more information, visit the brand on Instagram @unitequila and @mettatequila.