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The Museum of Jewish Heritage Presents Virtual Walking Tour: The Year of Remembrance of the Heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Part 1

Image courtesy of the Museum of Jewish Heritage

The first of two live, virtual tours of the Warsaw Ghetto will focus on the lives of Jews in the city during the Nazi occupation. The Ghetto, which was established in 1940, was approximately 1.3 miles in size and was surrounded by a ten-foot-high wall. It was the largest of the Nazi-established ghettos during World War II, with a peak estimated population of over 450,000. Walk along the Ghetto wall and learn about conditions in the ghetto, and how the Jewish community managed to maintain their vibrant culture and intellectual life despite the extreme poverty, hunger, and disease in the Ghetto. We will visit some of the places that have survived the War, as well as contemporary monuments and commemorations. Co-presented with Our Travel Circle.

Sunday March 19, 2023 11:00 AM (ET)
$18 for Museum members | $36 for nonmembers