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World-Class Aquarium de Montréal Set to Open in 2024

SOURCE Groupe Écorécréo Inc.

Montreal-based Ecorecreo Group recently announced that it will be leading the development and operation of the future Aquarium de Montréal, scheduled to open in 2024. Ecorecreo, operating six trademarks in 16 summer and winter sites across Quebec, brings a wealth of experience in creating environmentally friendly family adventures.

Located within Montreal’s Midtown, the future Aquarium de Montréal will lead by innovation, combining spectacular habitats and unique immersive experiences for guests of all ages and abilities.

“Our vision of the Aquarium de Montréal is to create an unforgettable journey that celebrates healthy marine and freshwater environments, while also highlighting uncompromised animal care and the importance of conservation action,” says Nicolas Gosselin, General Manager of Aquarium de Montréal. “Our team is focused on creating an adventure, transforming the way our guests view their relationship with nature. We will educate the community every step of the way and inspire future generations to become advocates for our wildlife and wild places.”

“The Ecorecreo Group’s commitment to the welfare of animals will be led by an expanding team experienced in providing for animal well-being through enriching, positive behavioral care and stimulating environments. Likewise, forming credible science, education, and conservation partnerships is key to our mission, such as the relationship we have initiated with Dr. Claire Vergneau-Grosset, Professor in Zoological Medicine at Université de Montréal,” adds Gosselin.

According to Vergneau-Grosset, “Given that I specialize in research for the conservation of endangered species of fish and reptiles, I am thrilled to be forging a relationship with Aquarium de Montréal. We share the same desire to address urgent environmental issues and the conservation of endangered species, whether here in Montreal or elsewhere on the planet.”

Aquarium de Montréal will make its home at Royalmount, a new Montreal destination located in the heart of midtown, where connectivity, creativity, and sustainability are emphasized. “Aquarium de Montréal will be an asset to the city, not only as a tourist destination but also as a place to make connections and learn,” adds Yves Lalumière, President and CEO of Tourisme Montréal.

Ecorecreo will pursue the highest sustainable standards possible throughout the project’s construction and operation. The team has gathered international and local experts including reputable organizations B+H Architectes Montréal and general contractor, QMD.

According to Jean-Philippe Duchesneau, Co-owner, Ecorecreo Group, “We are most proud to lead this project and look forward to unveiling more details as we continue down the exciting path of bringing our Aquarium to life. We can’t wait for Montrealers and visitors to live our Aquarium experience!”