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Montauk OM

Photo courtesy of Montauk OM

Inspired by the Sanskrit word, symbol and ancient mantra, “OM,” Montauk OM is excited to bring an all-inclusive space with offerings for every body, mind and spirit to Montauk’s downtown. Nestled one block from both the beach and quaint main street, the atmosphere provides an urban feel that is deeply connected to the natural world.

Previously home to BYoga, Montauk OM plans to welcome beginner to advanced practitioners to explore their mind and body with the help of its inspiring teachers. Instructors include Mariah Betts, Ashley Mcgee and Kat Ruiz. Betts has been a student of yoga since 1998, where she found yoga to gain greater body awareness and mental focus. Betts’ classes offer a safe, inspiring and light-hearted space for students to go deep into their practice without force and to use movement and breath to move through challenges on the mat and in life. Mcgee is a certified yoga teacher, healing artist and curator that can be described by her students as a ray of light, safe, strong, intuitive and gentle. Ruiz has over 20 years of teaching experience and has led yoga, breath work and meditation classes around the world.

The transformed studio is simple, minimalist, zen, earthy and inspiring, like a breath of fresh air. Decorated with a few pieces of art and plants, the earth-color wooden floors allow the atmosphere to remain welcoming and relaxing for all who enter. Classes including Slow Flow, Power Flow, Flow and Sculpt will be offered both on weekdays and weekends.

Class descriptions:

• Slow Flow: A hatha-based yoga practice with a slower pace, longer holds and meditative quality to balance the energies of doing verses being. All levels / beginner friendly.

• Power Flow: A challenging yoga practice built on the roots of Sun Salutations to increase physical strength and endurance, focus and flexibility. This practice is faster in pace, vigorous and dynamic. All levels.

• Flow: A creative moving meditation for the full body and mind. This fluid yoga practice is full of intention, repetitive movements and breath, leading to more advanced postures and stillness. All levels / intermediate.

• Sculpt: A combination of yoga, cardio and strength moves with the assistance of resistance bands and ankle weights to boost metabolism and build lean muscle. All levels.