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A World Where Aging Can Be Influenced: Rebesanna

Photo courtesy of Rebesana

We live in a fascinating time where humans desire a quality of life, and technology is a pivotal tool to achieve it. “Years of scientific research led to the development of Rebesana, an all-inclusive combination supplement. Rebesana is designed to work in the cell. There are hundreds of longevity genes, but three appear to be the most important,” said Rebesana’s Chief Science Officer, Carl P. Giordano, MD. Rebesana is unique in working on all three of these genes, individually and synergistically. In addition, Rebesana also works to maintain the telomeres and blood sugar as well as provide powerful antioxidants.

Rebesana also promotes longevity while working towards eliminating senescent cells. What are senescent cells? These cells, often caused by stress factors, do not die; they produce chemicals that can damage nearby cells. Senescent cells stop dividing and enter a state that tends to impact the growth of normal tissues and organs. “This is why we have included Quercetin, a powerful antioxidant, an element that helps eliminate these cells while combating free radicals and helping maintain our cognitive function,” Dr. Giordano said.

A number of wise minds, like Carl P. Giordano, MD, came together to create a supplement that is impactful, powerful and simplistic. The impactful aspect is identifying the key compounds our bodies need to stave off harmful elements while supporting our multifaceted systems. The powerful component brings together specific compounds that work synergistically to elevate our system. The simplistic application refers to six tablets per day, three in the morning and three in the evening. “Safety and efficacy are paramount in choosing doses and sources,” shared Dr. Giordano. With so many living very busy lives, the process of identifying, evaluating and understanding what can support our bio-individualized bodies is a daunting endeavor, no matter what your background.

We have seen a shift in the conversation around the support system for health. Often referred to as the sick care industry, medical professionals, researchers and individuals alike desire to unlock a more effective approach to caring for and supporting our precious bodies. “In the U.S., we wait for diseases to occur, and yes, we have become pretty good at ‘catching up’ with treatment. It’s as though we wait for the ‘disease truck’ to arrive, packed to the brim with all the horrors it can fi t. Then we run as fast as we can chasing it, picking up all the pieces that fall off the truck as it bounces and ricochets over every pothole and curb it can hit, creating the most deliberate and unpleasant ride it can,” Dr. Giordano said.

The goal of the Rebesana team was to bring together a “done for you” supplement that includes five crucial ingredients: Astragalus, Berberine, NMN, Quercetin and Resveratrol. Working in concert, these five ingredients are indispensable. The turning point to control biological aging occurred years ago. “Aging is a fundamental process of turning genes on and off . When gene regulation is lost, cellular identity is lost, and you start to age,” Dr. Giordano said. Rebesana works to toggle those genes to the correct on-off pattern to promote a healthier and longer life.

“Rebesana is a new kind of supplement that draws on innovation and research to slow and influence the aging process in our favor and promote longevity through molecular messaging and other properties,” Dr. Giordano added. Carl Giordano, MD, is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who was inspired to provide a product based on innovation and science. He has the commitment to educating the public on the power of using these distinctive elements to slow the aging process and promote a healthier, more athletic life. For more information, please visit rebesana.com.