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Seabourn’s New Ultra-Luxury Expedition Ship, Seabourn Pursuit, Unveils Masterfully Curated Art Collection

SOURCE Seabourn

Seabourn, the leader in ultra-luxury ocean voyages and expedition travel, recently unveiled an extraordinary collection of custom art on board Seabourn Pursuit, its newly launched, purpose-built expedition vessel. The extensive, permanent installation includes more than 700 artworks and takes guests on a curated journey across the seven seas.

Seabourn’s expedition vessels, Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit, bear strong resemblance as sister ships that share the same DNA in design. However, art stands out as one of the most prominent and character-defining points of differentiation between them. Commissioned by Seabourn design partner, Tihany Design, led by Founder & Principal Adam D. Tihany and Partner Alessia Genova, the atelier engaged London-based curatorial studio Double Decker to develop a sophisticated, thoughtful and bespoke art collection exclusively for Seabourn Pursuit, as a completely unique, curatorial expression of the designers’ vision: “an expedition of discoveries.” It features custom art that masterfully celebrates the wonders of our planet and the great explorers of our time, infused with geographic inspiration. By intention, the result—bold, more colorful and playful with a modern attitude—markedly contrasts with the more subtle, sophisticated storytelling of Seabourn Venture’s art program by French studio Atelier 27.

Working with artists, designers and fabricators globally to conjure the vision and tell these stories, Double Decker co-directors Wilhelm Finger and Melita Skamnaki pursued elegant yet brave works that create a sense of connection with those who sailed before, to enhance the guests’ own sense of discovery in the present moment. With hundreds of pieces on board, each conjuring a unique experience and connection with its surroundings, art invites passengers to be curious and treats them to powerful and unforgettable visual adventures along Seabourn Pursuit‘s dramatic routes. The ship itself has emerged as a new frontier of appreciation for art enthusiasts at sea.

“We had a vision to deliver a dynamic and harmonious experience of exploration by creating a unique synergy to unite the masterful interior design by Tihany Design and the bespoke art collection with the powerful, state-of-the-art capabilities on this purpose-built luxury expedition ship,” said Natalya Leahy, president of Seabourn. “As a result, our guests will experience an unexpected layer of imaginative discoveries and be inspired by the smallest details, symbols, hidden messages in every corner to provoke a deep sense of personal exploration and appreciation. Seabourn Pursuit‘s art collection will elevate the onboard experience as guests embark on their own journey to interact with new environments that in some cases no humans have seen before.”