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Celebrating Tradition & Innovation Together Under the Radiant Supermoon at Galaxy Macau

SOURCE Galaxy Macau

Galaxy Macau, in partnership with the Macau Designers Association (MDA), recently announced the launch of Galaxy Lantern Art Festival, featuring an array of immersive experiences that seamlessly fuse the charms of tradition with the sparks of innovation. Through October 31, 2023, the world-class luxury integrated resort will present a series of events and experiences designed to illuminate the Mid-Autumn Festival, and further promote Macau as a world-class travel and entertainment destination.

The Galaxy Lantern Art Festival will showcase a collection of digital lantern design artworks, Lantern Design competition, and the Macau Design Week 2023. Special attractions include the First-in-Macau six-meter Supermoon and the Broadway Food & Craft Festival, alongside an array of Mid-Autumn themed F&B and retail offers, and new openings will provide locals and tourists from around the world with a festive experience not to be missed.

Moon-gazing Under the First-in-Macau Supermoon at the Lawn

From September 24 to October 8, Galaxy Macau will unveil the First-in-Macau Supermoon at the Lawn, an impressive six-meter giant moon installation. This immersive experience will offer 360° moongazing, allowing guests to marvel at the beauty of the moon up close.

Guests can also unwind, relax and chill out under a towering giant moon, delight in an outdoor picnic with their loved ones, and enjoy live performances and parades from 6pm– 11pm on September 29 and 30. – capturing perfectly the spirit of the Mid-Autumn Festival when it is a time for family, togetherness, and moon appreciation.

Radiance Comes to Life at the Galaxy Lantern Art Festival

Galaxy Lantern Art Festival is a harmonious blend of light and art, featuring the creations of four renowned designers from mainland China, Macau and Singapore. They will express their creativity through a fusion of traditional Chinese lantern designs and advanced light projection technology. An LED wall displaying a continuous series of digital artworks will bring to life their unique interpretation of Chinese culture in a stunning, luminous spectacle – a synergy of tradition and innovation.

Art in Action at the Macau Design Week 2023

Galaxy Macau is also proud to join hands with MDA to co-organize Macau Design Week 2023 from September 11 to 24 at East Square. This event will bring together over 50 design organizations from MacauSingapore and Japan, who will showcase approximately 80 art pieces, highlighting the power and diversity of design and allowing the designers to connect, collaborate and innovate. A series of engaging activities, including exhibitions, guided tours, and workshops, are designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas and foster a vibrant creative dialogue among attendees.

GBA Youth Showcasing Innovation at the Lantern Design Competition

As part of the collaboration with the MDA, Galaxy Macau is pleased to present the “Lantern Design Competition”. The competition invites university students and designers from the Greater Bay Area (GBA) to reinterpret traditional cultural elements in innovative and artistic ways. From September 8 to October 31, the public is warmly invited to appreciate the competition entries at Galaxy Macau. This presents a prime opportunity not only to show support for the new generation of designers, but also to experience the charms of traditional crafts.

A Culinary Journey at the Broadway Food & Craft Festival

From September 28 to October 8between 2pm and 10pm, Broadway Food Street at Broadway Macau™ will transform into a gastronomic paradise for the Broadway Food & Craft Festival, taking guests back to the 1950s. The festival will feature an Instagram-worth feast, engaging interactions, and a platform for famous artists and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) to showcase their works and products.

This colorful event offers locals and tourists dynamic and vibrant ways to experience Macau’s traditional local food, culture and creativity, allowing them to discover the beauty of autumn reunions.

Mid-autumn Themed F&B and Retail offers

Throughout the festival, Galaxy Macau is set to launch a rich array of F&B and retail promotions. Guests can indulge in sensational mille-feuille tarts at Passion or join the first-ever Macau Whisky Carnival:

  • Be among the first to savour the extraordinary sensational mille-feuille tarts at Passion. by Gérard Dubois in Galaxy Macau, available in exquisite flavors—Vanilla Bitter Orange, Belgian Chocolate, and new flavour of Salmon & Dill which will be available on September 1. Limited quantities are made daily in 3 batches at 8:30am12:30pm and 2:30pm, starting from MOP28 each.
  • Discover WHISKY SHINE, the first-ever Macau Whisky Carnival  on September 9 and 10. Over 1000 different types of whisky from around the world will be featured at the F Foyer on the 1/F of Broadway Macau for tasting, accompanied by a series of masterclasses led by world-class whisky experts and brand ambassadors. Single-day admission: MOP138 (includes a tasting glass)
  • Celebrate with the mooncake gift set from Galaxy Macau, available from now until September 28 in Pang’s kitchen at Galaxy Macau at MOP348 per set. “Wavey the Peacock Mooncake Gift Box” from edutainment Center Galaxy Kidz, exclusively available for hotel guests and exquisite Mooncake Gift Box from partner hotels — The Ritz-Carlton, Macau, and JW Marriott Hotel Macau — will also be available in a range of traditional and innovative flavors.
  • In addition, Galaxy Macau will be offering special celebratory dishes at several restaurants, including Deep-fried Glutinous Sesame Ball at Galaxy Macau Tam Chai Yu Chun for MOP68 from September 8 to October 31. Originating from Zhongshan in Guangdong Province, the golden shell of this dish is wafer-thin and exceptionally delicate. When illuminated, these crunchy spheres resemble the full moon. Other festive dishes are also available at Bei Shan Lou, Putien, Pang’s Kitchen, Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant.
  • New restaurant openings, including Spicy Sichuan and Hip Seng Hot Pot, are poised to tantalize guests with a focus on authentic delicacies. Scheduled to open on September 6, Spicy Sichuan has launched just in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival and will celebrate the festival with Paper-Thin Beef Slices in Sichuan Peppercorn Sauce. Spicy Sichuan is also the latest culinary concept to support the Macau SAR Government’s “Tourism + Gastronomy” initiative.
  • Make the most of your holiday with rewarding shopping sprees at Galaxy Promenade with over 200 luxury brands. With In-Style Shopping Rewards, shop to receive up to MOP300 gift certificates which you can use with no minimum spend, plus exclusive brand privileges upon spending a designated amount at selected brands using UnionPay from now until September 24.

Autumn Shows and Mega Starts at Galaxy Arena and Broadway Theatre

  • Throughout the month-long campaign, mega-stars such as the legend of Hong Kong Cantopop Sam Hui, legend of Hong Kong pop band The Wynners, Cantopop diva Kelly Chen and the hot Kpop girl group (G)I-DLE are scheduled to perform at Galaxy Arena, Macau’s largest and newest indoor venue, which previously hosted world-renowned performers such as BLACKPINK and JACKSON WANG.
  • Co-organized and title sponsored by Galaxy Entertainment Group, the much-anticipated “Galaxy Entertainment Group 2023 11th Yao Foundation Charity Game” will sweep Macau with basketball fervor! This year’s Game is set to ignite the stage at Galaxy Arena, as many distinguished players come together to compete in an electrifying showdown.  Yao Ming, the founder of the Yao Foundation, will also appear and watch this much-anticipated event with the audience!
  • Broadway Theatre will also present a series of autumn shows for intimate encounters with your favourite musicians, including William So.

Galaxy Macau is redefining the Mid-Autumn Festival experience by blending tradition and innovation. The world-class integrated resort is ready to illuminate the Mid-Autumn Festival for locals and tourists with a dazzling array of celebrations, while also promoting local food, art and culture, and contributing to Macau’s position as a world-class entertainment and travel destination.