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ELEMENT EIGHT Announces the Launch of O2 Niacinamide Eight Active Serum

Photo courtesy of ELEMENT EIGHT

ELEMENT EIGHT announces the launch of the NEW O2 Niacinamide Eight Active Serum, making their debut in the serum category. Formulated with OATH: Oxygen Amplified Therapy technology, the brand’s proprietary liquid oxygen carrier complex found in all ELEMENT EIGHT products, the new O2 Niacinamide Eight Active Serum is the latest addition to ELEMENT EIGHT’s portfolio of cutting-edge skincare.

A proprietary blend of liquid oxygen carriers mimic the function of hemoglobin to deliver 20x more oxygen directly to skin cells up to 700 microns deep, counteracting the key signs of aging, all of which are caused by oxygen depletion in the skin.

With OATH at the heart of its formulation, the new O2 Niacinamide Eight Active Serum is a skincare panacea. Formulated with 12% proprietary OATH technology, the brand’s highest concentration yet, the serum delivers oxygen at the cellular level, boosting cell metabolism, rebuilding collagen and reversing visible signs of aging. Alongside 12% OATH, the serum contains 8% Niacinamide and 7 additional actives including Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Resveratrol, Carnosine, anti-inflammatory complex and amino acid protein complex.

“We’re thrilled to launch the new O2 Niacinamide Eight Active Serum as our entry into the serum category.” explains¬†Gerard Camme, CEO and Founder of ELEMENT EIGHT. “When formulating, it was important to us to include the active ingredients that the most discriminant clients look for, and ensure that the texture and finish were fast absorbing and work well under makeup.”

“This product is a game changer, in that it has everything one would want in a serum. The ingredients have been carefully selected to address the most frequent skincare concerns.” remarks ELEMENT EIGHT Partner Physician, Dr.¬†Nima Gharavi, director of Dermatologic Surgery and Mohs Micrographic Surgery, Cedars-Sinai. “I recommend ELEMENT EIGHT O2 Niacinamide Eight Active Serum to every patient looking to hydrate the skin, boost collagen production, reduce pore size and improve skin tone and texture.”