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Life Time Expands Dynamic Personal Training Offerings with Launch of Dynamic Stretch

SOURCE Life Time, Inc.

Life Time has expanded its robust Dynamic Personal Training portfolio with the launch of Dynamic Stretch across its athletic country clubs in North America. With one-on-one, personalized and assisted stretching services delivered by its team of the most-certified Dynamic Personal Trainers in the industry, Life Time continues to expand its offerings that uniquely help members enhance their daily lives with increased overall health and wellbeing.

Already a component of Life Time’s Dynamic Personal Training sessions, exercise enthusiasts not currently working with a trainer now can choose 25- or 50-minute sessions that incorporate a series of active and passive stretches, range of motion work, breathing exercises and recovery tools that address problem areas and accelerate recovery. Members have the utmost flexibility in scheduling sessions, which can easily be tailored by Stretch Specialists in accordance with unique fitness levels and goals to maximize the health benefits.

“Stretching is often the missing ingredient in an optimal fitness and self-care program, and Dynamic Stretch is a game changer for increased mobility, prevention and recovery based on our Dynamic Personal Trainers’ knowledge, certifications and experience,” said Danny King, Master Personal Trainer at Life Time. “Life Time leads the industry in hands-on coaching to help members achieve their goals and now, with Dynamic Stretch, we know we will help people in ways they didn’t know possible.”

Stretching offers many benefits for the body, including:

  • Increased Muscular Performance – The greater range of motion you possess, the more muscles develop and grow. By increasing stability and flexibility, the body performs more efficiently.
  • Increased Range of Motion – Stretching helps with range of motion stabilization, aiding in injury prevention.
  • Improved Posture – Increasing flexibility can improve posture and aid in reducing or eliminating joint pain.
  • Reducing Stress and Tension – Stress causes muscles to be tense.

To celebrate the launch of this new program, all Life Time clubs are hosting walk-up or scheduled ahead complimentary 30-minute Dynamic Stretch sessions for members to enjoy a hands-on stretching and recovery experience September 16th through September 18th. Members also may schedule an initial complimentary introductory session by speaking with a Dynamic Personal Trainer at the club. Non-members interested in experiencing Dynamic Stretch may do so by purchasing a One-Day Membership.

Dynamic Stretch adds to the growing array of recovery and relaxation services offered by Life Time, including pools, whirlpools, cedarwood saunas, eucalyptus-scented steam rooms, Normatec recovery tools, hydro- and cryo massage chairs and Hypervolt portable percussion massagers.