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AMEŌN – Intentional Beauty

Photo courtesy of AMEŌN

AMEŌN goes beyond a skincare line and business that delivers services that produce a healthy glow. AMEŌN’s Founder Alina Mehrle created the business following a breast cancer diagnosis and the ensuing journey to remission. She shares, “I firmly believe that creating great skincare products requires striking the proper balance between nature and the achievements of modern science.”

“Sometimes fate leads you down unknown paths to your life’s mission. My path to the world of skincare and wellness was not an easy one. As a creative person, design and visual art are my passion and have always been a big part of my life. I’m blessed and grateful to be a founding partner of the coolest interior design studio in New York: Asthetique. I had my future as a designer mapped out,” says Alina.

On nearly a daily basis, I am struck by how many people are going through experiences that range from illness, and career changes, to starting a new business and designing their life from those experiences. It is very easy to be captivated by what others accomplish and forget what ripple effect each of us has in everyday life. Whether we create out of necessity, tragedy, or by choice, the common bond I felt in my short time with Alina was that we were capable. Making challenging decisions and navigating rough waters makes us stronger.

The typical New York moment, finding myself low on a charge as I arrived from The Hamptons, I was delighted that someone was there to help. Making my way inside Equinox Rockefeller Center where the AMEŌN suite is nestled, I quickly noted how relaxed I felt even before my scheduled treatment. Taking the lead from my friend Susan Shin, I scheduled an appointment with AMEŌN’s Shay Flynn. I was invited in for my Microcurrent Chill & Sculpt Facial and noticed the peaceful ambiance created by Shay, which immediately had me drifting into a deep rest.

Realizing how a “vacation” can be hard on us and seeing how it shows on my face, the timing of my appointment, and the intentional combination of tools used in the Microcurrent Chill & Sculpt Facial left me with a refreshed look. Microcurrent stimulates the skin to make its own fillers and the small pulses simultaneously exercise the muscles of the face, which tighten and help lift everything back into place; it freezes time. Using tools that include microcurrent, LED therapy, and ultrasonic extractions coupled with formulations like their Baby Buddha Calming Serum and Holy Cream help the skin recover from the impact of what we ingest and are exposed to in everyday life. When I looked in the mirror, I was struck by how noticeably different I appeared. Within an hour, the blend of this incredible treatment and a fantastic nap left me recognizing its lasting benefits and candidly, how much I needed it. The microcurrent was a disruptor to my system and my thoughts. And with Shay’s magical hand and voice, they transported me into another realm.

As I made my way to the entry following my facial, a lovely woman approached. Standing before me was the ethereal owner, Alina Mehrle. A brief time after the meeting, we found ourselves deep in conversation. It didn’t take long to learn what prompted her to create the business. She shared, “At the age of 30, a breast cancer diagnosis changed my life.” Breast cancer, and chemo have a way of breaking you down yet present an incredible opportunity to rebuild, recreate and thrive. Those words have stuck with me.

She continued to move me and said, “I still ask ‘Why me?’ sometimes, but rather than let self-pity define my life I chose happiness. For me, that meant creating something magical to share with the world.” She discovered what she would create, and like Alina, I invite you to ask what you will create from your life experiences.

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