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The Reflexions Collection of Designer Mirrors by Multidisciplinary Artist Ted VanCleave

SOURCE Ted VanCleave Studio

Artist Ted VanCleave recently announced the launch of his new and compelling designer mirror series, the Reflexions Collection. VanCleave’s new series is a fusion of fluid and organic shapes bathed in bold and metallic colors. The medium is leather as it’s never been experienced before.

Each piece is a meditation in form and every angle is a different story. The flow, the folds, the peaks and valleys plus bold metallic finishes make them endlessly interesting, adding new energy to any space. VanCleave’s new Reflexions Collection of collectible designer mirrors is created by framing custom cut and color mirrors with his Amoeba sculptures. The result is a stunning and unique three-dimensional frame in a variety of both frame and mirror colors.

Ted VanCleave, whose career spans more than three decades, brings a wealth of experience and a profound artistic sensibility to his work. He commented on his new collection, saying, “The Reflexions Collection is the culmination of a lifetime of creative expression. Mirrors are not just utilitarian; they are canvases of reflection and imagination. I’ve sought to infuse every piece with a sense of wonder and beauty.”