Features Special Section: NYFW

Tarpley, New York Mens Day

Photo courtesy of Tarpley

Hilldun Corporation celebrates the 21st season showcasing eight brands/designers in Location05. Amongst those brands was Tarpley Brooks Jones, a native of Nashville, TN.

The brand embarked on a transformative odyssey that carried him from the farmlands of Tennessee to the vibrant world of art school in Chicago. It was there that he discovered the profound spirituality of Buddhism, and ignited a passion for fashion design that would shape his destiny.

Driven by a profound mission, Tarpley aspires to harness creative energy as a force for spreading consciousness and positivity. Fashion became Jones’ chosen canvas to embark on this extraordinary quest.

Over the past eight years, Jones has meticulously crafted his unique designs, initially experimenting with a streetwear brand in LA before establishing his eponymous label in 2022. Tarpley is a contemporary fashion brand specializing in garments created with innovative technologies. It seamlessly blends avant-garde design, groundbreaking materials and impeccable craftsmanship to produce astonishing clothes that resonate with a compelling brand energy.

Operating between New York City and his cherished hometown of Nashville, Jones envisions establishing production facilities and the brand’s headquarters in both cities. This dual foundation, rooted in each location’s distinct values, forms the bedrock of Tarpley. It represents a harmonious union of practicality and idealism, intertwining a mission and a vision. This mission goes beyond the mere creation of captivating fashion; it is a commitment to propelling our world toward sustainable energy practices. The vision is to transcend the boundaries of fashion by utilizing creative energy to foster consciousness and spread positivity.

Embracing the diverse voices of America, Tarpley symbolizes family, fashion and freedom. Infusing Buddhist principles throughout their brand, they aspire to inspire compassion and mindfulness beyond the realm of fashion.