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Pacsun and Anna Sitar Break Waves with Exclusive Collaboration and Swim Collection Debut

Photo courtesy of Pacsun

Pacsun, the iconic California lifestyle brand, announced its collaboration with renowned digital star Anna Sitar, marking the debut of her first-ever exclusive swimwear collection – ANNAXPACSUN. This partnership merges Anna’s signature style with Pacsun’s timeless SoCal aesthetic, offering a swimwear line tailored to make a statement at the beach this season.

With a global following of over 13 million across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, Anna has captivated audiences through her engaging content centered around lifestyle, comedy and positivity. From her viral social media series to documenting her daily adventures, Anna has cemented herself as a leading figure in the digital landscape, now further expanding her influence into fashion design and merchandising. Anna will be premiering the collection live on Pacsun’s TikTok, offering followers the opportunity to purchase directly from the platform. This highlights Pacsun’s strategic use of the TikTok Shop feature to provide immediate access for its community.

Drawing from her passion for clothing and design, Anna introduced her first personal merchandise line in 2022. Having collaborated with Pacsun on various content projects over the years, including capturing content for Pacsun during NFL’s major event in 2022 and hosting Pacsun’s onsite livestream in 2023, the partnership between Anna and the brand was a natural evolution.

“It has been such a pleasure co-creating with Anna, whose authenticity and vibrant personality complement our brand,” said Addie Rintel, VP of Women’s Merchandising at Pacsun. “We’ve seen a lot of success when collaborating with creators who align with our customer, and the most exciting content stems from a natural appreciation and like for our product, and Anna is that girl. She is a true creator, and we’re excited to expand on our partnership with her to bring ANNAXPACSUN to life and give her followers and our community an accessible opportunity to share her style.”

Anna played a pivotal role in every aspect of the ANNAXPACSUN collection and campaign, from co-creating the styles to personally shooting the creative content. The collection is a reflection of her personality, with each piece inspired by her love for SoCal sunsets and her commitment to making every day feel a little cozier.

“My journey as a content creator revolves around spreading light and positivity. Partnering with Pacsun to introduce the ANNAXPACSUN collection allows me to extend that same energy to fashion. Each piece is designed with love to create a sense of comfort, confidence and readiness to embrace the day and to empower everyone to be their best selves,” said Sitar.

Exclusively available at Pacsun, the collection embodies the spirit of California living, integrating the hues of the Pacific Ocean and the setting skies, while featuring endearing details such as scrunchy one-shoulder designs, knot-front halters and perfect underwires. Anna also incorporated trend-forward touches like hearts and polka dots into traditional floral prints, while naming pieces after friends and influential figures in her life, including her mother and fellow creators and influencers like Tezza BartonAlly Yost and Jo Johnson.

The ANNAXPACSUN collection is available at and in select Pacsun stores. Bikini sets are priced from $26.95 to $32.95, while one-pieces retail for $49.95.