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A Taste of Thailand on Park Avenue South

Photo courtesy of Sabai Thai

In 2018, Sabai Thai opened on Park Avenue South by Owner Karan Daryanani, a savvy entrepreneur who spent a lot of time in Thailand and made his foray into the hospitality realm with a vision of happiness for his guests – encapsulated in the Thai term “Sabai.” Daryanani aspired to create an atmosphere where patrons could bask in the warmth and joy reflective of Thai culture. To curate a menu that seamlessly blends Thai favorites with a Western twist, he enlisted the expertise of Executive Chef Mingmitr Eddy Amnuaypanich, a native of Central Thailand perfectly suited for the task.

Mingmitr’s culinary journey began in his mother’s kitchen, where he cultivated a deep-seated passion for cooking through innovative experiments with local ingredients. While pursuing an education in banking, Mingmitr simultaneously honed his skills by working at various restaurants in Thailand. However, his career trajectory took a significant turn when he decided to pursue his culinary path in New York. Embarking on his career, Mingmitr began as sous chef at PONGsri in 2000, the then-notable restaurant for both theater enthusiasts and locals. He continued to elevate his craft as Executive Chef at Kelly & Ping, an esteemed SoHo establishment situated on a charming cobblestone street, revered as one of the premier Asian food and lifestyle destinations of its era. The pivotal moment in Mingmitr’s journey occurred when he crossed paths with Karan. Recognizing Sabai Thai as the ideal canvas to further explore his expertise in authentic and modern Thai cuisine, Mingmitr seamlessly integrated his skills into the vibrant culinary tapestry of the restaurant.

For Arharn Wang, meaning appetizers, Mingmitr recommends the Sabai Sampler, a selection of fried chicken dumplings, spring rolls, calamari, curry puff and chicken satay. Other highlights are: Goong Yang, grilled shrimp with garlic lime sauce and Lettuce Wrap, baby romaine with Thai chili, served with a choice of tofu or grilled chicken.

The Sup & Yum, also known as soups & salads, keep the momentum rolling, the Yum Mamaung (Thai Green Mango Salad) with mangoes, chili, scallions and red onion, enriched with tamarind dressing is a gluten-free option. Tom Kha Gai is a blend of coconut milk, king mushroom, galangal, lemongrass and kaffir leaves with the choice of tofu or chicken.

Chan Lhak and Pi Set, translating to main courses and specials are both large and hearty, boasting a plethora of vegetarian, seafood and gluten-free options including Pla Nueng Manow (Branzino) a whole steamed branzino with garlic lime sauce served with jasmine rice; Palor (Pork Belly Stew) pork belly, shiitake mushroom, boiled egg, sweet soy sauce, garnished with Thai spices; Khao Soi, a is a delightful mixture of yellow curry, egg noodles, bean sprouts and a choice of chicken or tofu; and Massaman Curry with onions, potatoes, peanuts and roti canai with a choice of chicken or flank steak.

Kratha, From the Wok, showcases the Gang Kiew Waan, green curry, coconut milk, bamboo shoots, mixed peppers and eggplant, and Khao Pad Kra Pow with fried rice, Thai basil, onions, mixed peppers, egg and Thai chili, both gluten-free options.

To finish the meal, Dessert options include Banana Cake with homemade vanilla ice cream, Chocolate Roti, roti canai and condensed milk, topped with chocolate syrup, and a seasonal Mango Sticky Rice with coconut cream and fresh mango. Pair these options with an assortment of Thai coffee or teas, like Jasmine Blooming Tea or Mint Verbena Tea.

432 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016 (Between 29th and 30th)