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Charlotte’s Web Launches Stay Asleep with CBN Gummy

Photo courtesy of Charlotte's Web

Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc. (“Charlotte’s Web,” “CW” or the “Company”), the leading provider of hemp-derived CBD wellness products, launches the Stay Asleep with CBN Gummy. Innovating the future of natural sleep solutions, this new melatonin-free product offers distinct benefits for enhanced sleep quality, backed by research from a top cannabinoid researcher.

Crafted with scientific precision to combat sleep disruptions, this solution targets the dreaded middle-of-the-night void. Waking up multiple times not only disrupts healthy sleep cycles, but it also leaves one feeling fragmented and fatigued come morning. Charlotte’s Web believes your best tomorrow starts tonight with CBN.

Charlotte’s Web leads the industry by introducing the first CBN product supported by peer-reviewed research for superior efficacy featuring an exclusive 20 mg dose of CBN, a sleep-enhancing cannabinoid. Formulated by Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Marcel Bonn-Miller Ph.D, renowned for his investigations into cannabinoid safety and efficacy, Dr. Bonn-Miller’s study affirms optimal outcomes of CBN at this serving. This research underscores CBN’s standalone success, distinguishing the Stay Asleep Gummy with CBN from multi-compound options for sleep disturbances. The formulation also serves as an alternative for individuals who experience negative after effects from melatonin.

“We have demonstrated the efficacy of CBN in addressing sleep disturbances, making this formulation an excellent choice for individuals who wake up during the night and want an alternative to melatonin that won’t lead to next-day fatigue,” stated Dr. Bonn-Miller.

Stay Asleep Gummies are non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher and vegan-friendly. With millions of Americans grappling with sleep issues, the Stay Asleep Gummy embodies Charlotte’s Web’s mission to unearth the science of nature to revolutionize wellness. This scientifically validated formula empowers consumers to experience fewer awakenings, leading to profound, quality and uninterrupted sleep.

“With a blend of rigorous cannabinoid research and nature’s intelligence, we’re thrilled to introduce Stay Asleep with CBN, maintaining the hallmark quality associated with Charlotte’s Web,” remarked Jared Stanley, co-founder and chief commercial officer at Charlotte’s Web. “We’ve been quietly studying this proprietary sleep formulation for years and we’re proud to make it available to sleep seekers who want to experience their best nights and days.”

The Stay Asleep Gummy retails for $29.99 for 30-count, $44.99 for 60-count and $56.00 for 90-count and is available to purchase at CharlottesWeb.com.