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Innovation Meets Tradition: ICHIRAN Launches New Vegan Ramen Take-Home Kit

Photo courtesy of Ichiran

ICHIRAN, Japan’s best tonkotsu ramen restaurant and a pioneer in the solo dining experience, launched its new Vegan Ramen Take-Home Kit in-store and online on Amazon and ICHIRAN’s online store. The product is a culmination of an extensive six-year journey of research and development, where they sampled hundreds of recipes and conducted countless taste tests to create this new vegan ramen, that boasts the same depth, richness and smoky flavors cherished in its original Tonkotsu Ramen.

Central to ICHIRAN’s innovation is the liquid broth concentrate, meticulously infused with soy, roasted garlic, onion, shiitake, ginger and other vegetables; and to achieve the hallmark creaminess of ICHIRAN’s original, they have developed a Ramen Oil that seamlessly emulsifies with the broth. The signature Original Spicy Red Seasoning is prepared from the finest, globally sourced togarashi peppers, imparting a perfectly balanced fusion of heat and spice. The original Hakata-style homemade thin noodles are created by skilled artisans using a proprietary blend of rare flour. The thin noodles are smooth with a firm texture, ensuring the ICHIRAN experience in every bite.

Each box contains the classic thin noodles, the Original Spicy Red Seasoning, the broth and the luxurious Ramen Oil. Notably, the ramen kit bears the Vegan certification from the esteemed VegeProject, a non-profit organization promoting plant-based options in Japan.

Priced at $20 per kit and offering two generous portions per box, the Vegan ramen kit is designed for effortless preparation in three-to-four minutes in the comfort of your home. Available for pick-up at all ICHIRAN locations, including Brooklyn, Midtown and Times Square, and conveniently on Amazon and ICHIRAN’s website (shipping available to all 50 states and Puerto Rico).