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Scentbird, A Premium Perfume Subscription

Photo courtesy of Scentbird

Every season calls for a different perfume scent. While each bottle is an art of its own, Scentbird curves the need to buy full size of each new trendy scent. Originally created as a scent recommendation platform in 2014, Mariya Nurislamova and co-founders switched up their idea after people asked for fragrance samples. A recommendation platform then became a 30-day supply for your fragrance of choice.

Regarding the brand name, Mariya wanted something short and sweet. Mariya knew she wanted “scent” within the name, and looked to keep the end one syllable, which brought her to wanting “bird” as the second word. While “Scentbird” took less than a minute to name, it’s known to everyone.

Scentbird was born out of passion. Although Mariya already had a large collection of scents, she found herself shopping at department stores for more. Mariya had hope creating a scent recommendation platform would take away the stress people feel while shopping for perfume. Scentbird’s subscription eliminates the old perfume bottle sitting on your shelf after one-to-two uses. Mariya gave shoppers the chance to sample, discover and experience all on one platform.

With more than 800 fragrances to choose from, Scentbird’s business development team maintains relationships with hundreds of heritage and indie fragrance brands. With their scent quiz, customers are able to input what they like to find their best selection from 100% authentic perfumes. Questions ranging from your mood, energy and gender preference will take you to a selected scent catalog tailored to you.

In the past 12 months, the most popular female fragrances have been: Ariana Grande Ari, Versace Bright Crystal Absolu and Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. The most popular male fragrances have been Versace Eros, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Pour Homme and Sexual Noir Pour Homme by Michel Germain.

Each subscription includes an 8ml fragrance that has about 130 sprays total. With an option to get one or three fragrances to test, Scentbird gives you a variety of subscription preferences. With the niche fragrances and subscription services only found at Scentbird.com, you can discover endless scents without paying full price for bottles you may not love.

Take Scentbird’s quiz and find your new scent today at Scentbird.com.