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Introducing NOYZ, A Modern Fragrance Brand Disrupting Industry Standards of Perfection

Photo courtesy of NOYZ

NOYZ, a new fragrance brand launched and is set to disrupt the perfect facade of the traditional fragrance industry. NOYZ unfilters the filtered and disrupts industry standards of perfection, crafting unique, expressive, long-lasting fragrances inspired by real stories and raw feelings. NOYZ is all about using fragrance as a new dimension for self expression – with the power to explore and amplify who you are – the imperfect, the messy, the real. Scent unfiltered.

Created by Shaun Neff, the ultimate brand disrupter and entrepreneur who began this journey in order to break down barriers in fragrance. “In an industry that has long been rooted in hyper-filtered fantasy, we saw a massive white space in the fragrance market for a brand rooted in realism. We feel more people will relate to our Sh**ty Day fragrance rather than doing a perfect hair flip with an 18-pack of abs or flawlessly riding a beautiful white horse in a magical meadow. Our goal is to create a brand that creates fragrances inspired by real storytelling” shares Neff.

Developed by renowned Robertet perfumer, Jerome Epinette, the collection comprises four expressive, long lasting fragrances. NOYZ is inspired by its community and encourages them to speak and feel their truth wholeheartedly. Each fine fragrance is genderless and each scent’s name is inspired by relatable experiences and authentic storytelling. NOYZ champions building a fragrance wardrobe, switching up scents based on every mood, layering and mixing it up to create something that is unique to the consumer.

* Love Club (Fruity/Floral/Woody): Hypnotic, alluring, Can’t Get Enough. Turkish Pink Rose, Saffron and Ebony Woods hit you with an unexpected compliment. The best part about Love Club? Everyone’s invited.

* Unmute (Amber/Woody/Vanilla): Sweet + Dangerous, on Repeat. Vanilla, ungraded. Made to be craved with notes of juicy Black Plum and spicy Spanish Ciste. Get loud. Be bold. Be you. Unmute.

* Lost + Found (Citrus/Woody): Fresh + Clean, Like Close Skin Contact. Pulls you in. Won’t let you go. Italian Lemon, Jasmine and Cedarwood send a soft, citrus kick that keeps you on the mind. Leaves a trail so you can be found, lingering on the sweatshirt you “accidentally” left behind.

* Sh**ty Day (Amber/Aromatic): Uplifting, Refreshing, an Instant Reset. If today kinda sucks, that’s okay. Notes of Ocean Air, Clary Sage, Salted Fig and Baltic Amber tell you to own it. It’s a deep breath, good laugh, the vent sesh you needed.

“Working with NOYZ allowed me to push my own boundaries, make bold statements and disrupt the olfactory norm. This collection is not just an assortment of fragrances; it is a curated olfactive anthology designed to celebrate authenticity and individuality,” says Epinette.

NOYZ is available to shop on, followed by its retail debut through its exclusive US partnership with Ulta Beauty, available at and in stores nationwide on June 23rd. NOYZ meets all five pillars of Conscious Beauty at Ulta Beauty, including clean ingredients, sustainable packaging, vegan, cruelty-free and give back. Each fragrance comes in a 50 mL size and is priced at $85. A sample EDP Discovery set, including all scents, will be available for $22, while individual 15 mL EDP sprays can be purchased for $35 each. Additionally, NOYZ will be engaging in exciting collaborations, notably NOYZ x Harrods. This exclusive fragrance collaboration, featuring celebrity photographer Damon Baker launched showcasing the parfum “Monochrome” alongside an exclusive set featuring a journal adorned with Damon’s photography. The parfum and gift set will be available at Harrods for £150.

“We are excited to welcome NOYZ as the first emerging fragrance brand to debut in all Ulta Beauty stores nationwide through Sparked. As the demand for unique, consciously-made fragrances rises, NOYZ offers a collection that captures the essence of modern preferences. Featuring high-quality ingredients and captivating notes at an approachable price point that are designed to layer and celebrate self-expression, NOYZ introduces a sophisticated approach to the category, giving guests even more to discover across our assortment,” shares Maria Salcedo, senior vice president of Merchandising, Ulta Beauty.

In line with NOYZ’s mission to smell good, do better, each bottle features a threaded neck that is made to be disassembled and recycled. With most fragrance bottles being made from glass, the standard “crimped neck” makes these components difficult to be recycled, and NOYZ is combatting this with its signature design. NOYZ’s unconventional and purposely off-kilter design reflects the brand’s overarching theme of not conforming to society’s standards and celebrates individuality.

NOYZ uses responsibly sourced, high quality ingredients. All NOYZ formulas are formulated without parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes and animal byproducts and all scents are certified vegan through the global organization The Vegan Society and certified cruelty free through PETA.

By creating fragrances inspired by real stories and raw feelings, the brand is here to create space for real conversations to help eliminate the stigmas around mental health that still exist today. NOYZ is partnering with The Jed Foundation and CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), two organizations that drive awareness and provide important services, resources and tools to support our mental health. Together they will promote resources to help young people show up confidently as their most real and unfiltered selves.