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Kaufman Closes 130,000SF in Leasing During Pandemic

Grant Greenspan

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Kaufman Organization has secured nearly 130,000 square feet in commercial lease in the last eight months, the privately-held firm announced.

“How are we doing it? We feel we have an advantage — as do many family-owned and operated businesses – since we are able to be more flexible,” said Grant Greenspan, Kaufman principal. “For instance, we’ve had both landlord and tenant representation in-house and are able to accommodate tenants with both longer and shorter-term deals. As well, we specialize in pre-built spaces, which is something that is even more valuable now with tenants wanting an easy, turn-key solution.”

Some of the leases include: 17,531 square for Allure Gems at the Kaufman Arcade Building (132 West 36th Street), comprising the building’s entire third floor; Sequin LLC, with an 8,361-square-foot lease on the eighth floor; R. B Samuels Inc. with 8,240 square feet on the second floor and Raif Gift, with 2,000 square feet on the eighth floor.

At 519 Eighth Avenue, Kaufman signed Sudran Dizenhaus to 2,577 square feet and HN Partners to a 950-square-foot lease, both on the eighth floor. At 231 West 29th Street, Connect Gronies Inc. signed a 3,300-square-foot lease on the ground floor; AmyO Inc. signed a 1,700-square-foot lease on the 12th floor and A. Marcus Group took 1,500 square feet on the seventh floor. At 19 West 24th Street, Junoon NYC LLC signed a 3,600-square-foot lease for the entire ground floor, and Tavros Holdings signed a 5,418-square-foot lease for the entire 12th floor.