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GovPilot Helps City of Trenton Net $4.15M in Auctioned Properties

A Trenton property up for bid on GovPilot's online government real estate auction platform

In an effort to revitalize the city, promote affordable housing options and generate revenue, New Jersey’s capital city, Trenton, generated $4.153 million in revenue in a live online auction of residential and commercial properties hosted in partnership with GovPilot. GovPilot, a Hoboken, New Jersey-based government management software provider, saw all 49 listed properties receive winning bids.

“Successful auctions are key to our redevelopment efforts, especially when they get promising properties into the hands of tax-paying residents who can renovate them for the benefit of the surrounding community,” said Trenton Mayor Reed Gusciora. “To be able to host a successful online, socially distanced real estate auction in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic was tremendous. The opportunities created for our residents, and the revenue generated for our budget will support constituent services and the continued revitalization of the city of Trenton.”

To drive awareness and participation in the auction among interested Trenton residents, GovPilot launched a two-week coordinated marketing campaign which included yard signs at the available properties, geo-targeted Facebook and Instagram ads, emails to local residents, and a local press release. A total of 372 participants pre-registered for the auction by placing a $1,000 reimbursable deposit through an online payment form. In advance of the auction, the city hosted two video conference information sessions, and the auction platform enabled practice bidding so that participants could become familiar with its use.

“Right now, municipalities across the country are looking for creative, effective ways to generate revenue, revitalize neighborhoods, and support their residents,” Michael Bonner, the founder and CEO of GovPilot, said. “We are proud to partner with the city of Trenton. Not only has this auction made homeownership more accessible, it will help the city revitalize its neighborhoods and budget as well.”

Since 2017, GovPilot has provided Trenton with cloud-based government management software, replacing processes that were previously paper-based.