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Lockly Announces New Total Access Solutions for Multifamily and Commercial Spaces

Lockly, an award-winning property technology company offering smart locks and total access solutions, has introduced Lockly\OS, allowing for any property manager or CTO to manage an unlimited amount of Lockly products from anywhere in the world, at the International Security Conference and Exposition, being held in Las Vegas from March 22 through 25.

The Lockly\OS, an all-in-one dashboard that allows users to view and control where, when, and by whom any Lockly smart lock is being used, works from anywhere in the world. Lockly\OS also offers a first-ever Air Transfer feature to take 3D fingerprint technology to the next level when managing commercial properties. Lockly’s commercial-grade quality product line provides users with vertically integrated hardware and software solutions at the touch of their fingers, from multi-dwelling units (MDUs) to multifamily and commercial properties.

“We are proud of the robust team of LocklyPro professionals we’ve built that come from multiple areas of expertise, from multifamily to hospitality and IoT. It’s with our tremendous people that we’ll be able to provide the best service and products that are tailored to any customer’s specific needs,” said Jim Conti, head of LocklyPro. “We’re now excited to take the next step in building partnerships that help us bring Lockly from the home to the world.”