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Coldwell Banker Warburg Partnering with Leading New Development Firm Reuveni LLC

Frederick Peters & Shlomi Reuveni

Coldwell Banker Warburg, the premier brokerage that’s been at the forefront of New York luxury real estate for more than 100 years, is announcing today a new partnership with Shlomi Reuveni who, in 2017, founded Reuveni Real Estate, the independent new development sales and marketing brokerage. The partnership, under the name Reuveni LLC, will continue to operate as a separate line of business, focusing on brokerage, sales, and marketing of new development projects, and will function as an integral part of the Coldwell Banker Warburg family. 

“I could not be more excited to announce our new partnership with Reuveni LLC. Shlomi, in addition to being the consummate new development professional, is a dear friend and colleague, and I cannot wait to see the value we add to our businesses by working together,” said Frederick Warburg Peters, president of Coldwell Banker Warburg. 

Coldwell Banker Warburg, created in October of 2021 by the acquisition of Warburg Realty, became the first firm ever to be fully-branded Coldwell Banker Global Luxury, a high-value operation of the famed brokerage, which, during, 2021 closed more than $267 million in luxury sales every day. Going forward, Coldwell Banker Warburg will manage Reuveni LLC’s growing resale and leasing businesses. Additionally, Shlomi Reuveni, Reuveni LLC’s founder, president, and CEO, will work hand-in-hand with Coldwell Banker Warburg’s agent recruitment efforts. The two brands will also combine business development strategies, marketing, public relations, branding, and social media initiatives to expand their reach and influence with New York City’s brokerage community, developers and industry professionals. 

By allying with Reuveni LLC, which specializes in the new development sector, the two firms are now able to leverage their stellar reputations and collective market expertise. This presents both firms with a unique opportunity for substantial business growth, broker recruitments, and client services, while continuing to work as separate, aligned brands, focused on their individual and independent strengths.

“I am very excited about my partnership with Coldwell Banker Warburg. Fred is the ultimate real estate broker, he is an iconic industry leader with an impeccable reputation and a four-decades, encyclopedic knowledge of our industry. He has built an amazing brokerage company with top notch agents and management. On a personal level, I love the man, he is a true mensch, and I can’t wait to start working closely with him,” said Shlomi Reuveni. “Coldwell Banker is a legendary firm with a vast and deep national and international presence and exposure. I am very impressed with their powerful new branding, marketing and technology tools which we will be soon utilizing with our developers, brokers, and projects. I am a 35-year veteran of our industry, and I truly believe that our new partnership and collective leadership is now the most unique brokerage and sales platform for New York City brokers and developers alike.” 

The partnership goes into effect on April 12, 2022. Coldwell Banker Warburg will now leverage its 240 years of real estate expertise with Reuveni’s industry-leading resources to leave their mark on the new development market.