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Ownly Announces Major Partnerships with Canadian Companies

Ownly, the fast-growth e-commerce proptech solution for the home buying process, announced partnerships with Homewise, Canada’s online mortgage brokerage, and HonestDoor, a technology company providing instant estimates of property value. The partnerships bring Ownly one step closer to achieving its core mission of providing the residential real estate industry’s leading end-to-end virtual home buying process from couch to contract. The announcement comes on the heels of Ownly’s recent $2.55 million seed round.

“I’m thrilled to partner with these market-leading teams,” said Jason Hardy, CEO and co-founder of Ownly. “We each share a vision for simplifying and digitizing the homebuying experience, and together we will continue to bring the needed change to the archaic experience.”

Homewise’s simple online mortgage process uses human language, helpful content and access to its tech-forward professionals at every step. It works for each user, negotiating with its extensive list of lenders to find clients mortgages that meets their unique needs, saving time and money. In addition, Homewise’s embeddable application is fully integrated into Ownly’s platform.

HonestDoor combines real estate data with data science to produce estimated values of houses and condos. Its database includes property taxes, transaction data, permit data and neighborhood growth rates for over 16 million properties in Canada. HonestDoor provides consumers with real-time home valuations as they go through Ownly’s digitized homebuying process. The technology is fully integrated into Ownly’s platform, providing a seamless appraisal experience for all users.

“Jason and I met through the startup community in Alberta, and we quickly realized the impact an integration of our platforms would bring to the housing industry.” stated Dan Belostotsky, Founder at HonestDoor. “He’s done an excellent job choosing partners, and we wanted to join in as its data partner to round out its offering. Ownly has completed the online home buying cycle with our partnership – you can fully research, appraise, get pre-qualified, and purchase a home online.”

Often referred to as the “Shopify” of real estate, Ownly enables customers to shop, finance, and buy new homes online.