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Zillow Adds Interactive Property Maps for Renters

Engrain property maps on Zillow Rentals (Photo via PRNewswire)

Apartment hunters using Zillow can now see the exact location of available units — and even what their view would be — at thousands of participating properties.

Zillow Rentals’ new integration with Engrain’s interactive map platform lets renters understand what floor an available apartment is on; if it’s facing a shared outdoor space, like a garden or pool or if the view is of a street or parking lot. The interactive maps also allow renters to click on available units to book a tour or request to apply, in much the same way they would select concert tickets when buying online.

Engrain’s Unit Map technology is currently used on more than 3,600 apartment building pages on Zillow and available to renters using Zillow on their desktop or through the mobile app.

“Regardless of how detailed the apartment description is or how beautiful the listing photos are, a renter can’t get a full grasp of the surroundings until they take the time to do an in-person tour, until now,” said Michael Sherman, vice president of Zillow Rentals. “For renters who have specific preferences like wanting a nice view or being away from the busy elevator bank, Unit Maps are a major time-saver. They can help a renter narrow down which units they want to see in person.”

When renters are ready to commit to the in-person tour, they can do it with the click of a button. Zillow recently announced automated tour scheduling for apartment-seeking renters, allowing them to book a tour in the same way they book a restaurant reservation.

“We are investing in integrations and products to make the apartment hunt easier and help people get into their next home more seamlessly,” Sherman said. “Renters want and deserve as much information as possible during their search, and by the time they’re ready for an in-person tour or to apply, the property managers will know they’re working with a renter who’s serious about their move.”