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Dealpath Delivers AI-Powered Solutions for Real Estate Investors

Dealpath has added AI-powered solutions for real estate investors within its platform, an extensive suite of new capabilities that further enhance deal screening, underwriting, due diligence, IC reporting and portfolio insights. These include:

AI-Powered Search: Now live, Dealpath’s Global Search capability, including full document search, automatically associates terms and information to instantly bring the most accurate results. Users can access all of their deal documents and every data field through a smart search interface. The information they need is just a search away, maximizing time savings with quick discovery and navigation to the most relevant task.

AI-Powered Offering Memorandum Abstraction: Currently in Beta, Dealpath’s Data Ingestion (DDI), launched in 2020, has been supercharged with AI (identified as DDI.AI) to extract key data fields from deal flyers and offering memorandums to create new deals and jump start underwriting and comp analysis with high accuracy and measured in minutes rather than hours or days. Clients are increasing the number of deals evaluated by over 20%, building a rich database of comps, and saving thousands of hours of manual input to allow professionals to focus on real value add work, the company said.

AI-Powered Investment Summary and Memo Generation. Coming soon, Dealpath’s Investment Summary and Memo Generation leverages generative AI to interpret the contents of Deal Flyers and Offering Memorandums to instantly generate a clear, concise and beautifully formatted one page summary highlighting the merits of a deal and the risks to mitigate. This facilitates rapid identification of opportunities aligned with investment strategy for both senior executives and their investment teams to drive operational effectiveness and institutional knowledge.

“Recent breakthroughs in AI, and in particular Generative AI, have captured the imagination of the real estate industry and demonstrated what those of us who have been developing these technologies have known — they have the potential to unlock incredible value, create a new era of economic and social growth, and provide professionals with new, improved ways to accomplish and exceed their business goals,” said Ashish Jain, head of search and machine learning at Dealpath. “We’re committed to building solutions responsibly and are providing resources to help real estate investors to evaluate and deploy Dealpath’s new capabilities at production scale.”