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Marketplace Homes Launches End-to-End Service Offering for SFR

Marketplace Homes has launched Marketplace One, a full-cycle real estate service offering that helps single-family rental (SFR) investors from the beginning to the end of their investment journey, regardless of portfolio size and market. Specifically, it provides services for acquisitions/dispositions, real estate sourcing, underwriting, brokerage, title, financing, renovations, leasing, property management, HOA and utility management, bookkeeping, legal and taxes.

After speaking with many investor clients, Marketplace Homes, a national brokerages with a property management division, realized the main source of their difficulties was using multiple vendors for the varied stages of a property’s life cycle. Essentially, sourcing and managing homes with different services impeded investors from scaling their rental portfolios. So, Will Dickson, president of Marketplace Homes, launched this program to take his property management services to the next level.

“You’re not going to find this just anywhere. Our years of experience have taught us many things. One of them is how inefficient it is to use separate companies to build a portfolio. By combining the entire lifecycle of an investment property in one service, our customers get a higher level of performance and diligence. We’ve been doing this for years, and now it’s time to make it available to everyone,” said Mike Tamulevich, COO of Marketplace Homes.

Marketplace One resolves long-standing pain points to serve investors of all sizes, the company said. While it may make sense to renovate and sell to an owner-occupant traditionally for one property, it may be more profitable to directly sell an occupied asset to another investor. Marketplace Homes’ Disposition Team does the research to create a detailed plan, offering investors the best possible financial outcome for the asset. The company operates on a national scale, which can help investors grow their portfolio in diverse markets. This allows investors to rest comfortably investing in high-growth markets that may not be local for them.

By seamlessly jumping between different real estate services and markets, Marketplace One has removed all friction between the many different facets of real estate. It has also cut out the typical inefficiencies in owning single-family rentals, allowing investors to grow their portfolios.