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Ankrom Moisan Names Blakley as Chief Financial Officer 

DeAne Blakley (Photo courtesy of Ankron Moisan)

Ankrom Moisan, an architecture, interior design, brand and planning firm, announced the appointment of DeAne Blakley as chief financial officer. Blakley, who brings over 20 years of financial and operational executive experience, will lead as a collaborative business partner, steering high-performing accounting, finance, IT and risk management teams.

“With a proven track record in leading change management and providing financial and business leadership, DeAne will offer invaluable insights that drive organizational performance — further optimizing Ankrom Moisan’s operational excellence and profitability,” said Dave Heater, president of Ankrom Moisan.

Blakley will collaborate across the firm to enhance resources, empower teams and identify opportunities to support productivity and revenue generation. Blakley is dedicated to fostering value through both internal and external partnerships. In her new role, she will implement strategies that align with Ankrom Moisan’s mission while actively contributing to the realization of its strategic, financial and operational goals.

Before joining Ankrom Moisan, Blakley served as chief financial officer/chief operating officer at Snapbac. She also held senior leadership roles in finance for companies such as Nike and Adidas.